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How to Delete Reddit Comments

Reddit is an online news aggregation and content rating platform. Posts are organized into user-created communities known as subreddits and ranked according to popularity – those that rank highly may even end up on Reddit’s homepage!

Reddit moderators sometimes delete posts or comments, but there are ways to see deleted Reddit posts and comments once again.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, content rating and discussion website where users, known as Redditors, post links, text posts and images that can then be up or down voted by other members – with popular submissions often making the front page.

Posts on this site are organized into user-created boards called subreddits, each representing its own community with its own set of rules and standards for posting. Subreddits range from educational to humorous topics imaginable – making Reddit an incredible way to keep in touch with what matters to people!

Reddit has often been criticized for its lack of moderation and reliance on user comments for content moderation. Furthermore, users have often accused Reddit of spreading hate speech, violence and child pornography through its platform. Recently however, in response to these criticisms it has begun modifying some policies by allowing users to create profiles and comment on other posts directly within its community.

How to delete a comment on Reddit

Reddit can be an amazing place for venting opinions, but sometimes your comments might make you regret their placement. Luckily, it is easy to delete Reddit comments on both its website and mobile app easily using extensions like Nuke Reddit History or Pkolyvas’ Fork of Power Delete Suite.

Keep in mind that Reddit allows for the recovery of deleted posts and comments if site admins uncheck a simple boolean in their database row. While they will no longer appear on your profile, they could resurface for monetization purposes if Reddit admins uncheck this box in your profile row.

Redact Software is an effective privacy tool that gives you control of your digital footprint. Allowing you to search and delete certain posts (link or text), dates, subreddits and more quickly and efficiently makes cleaning up your online presence simpler than ever – now is the time to regain it!

How to delete all your comments on Reddit

Reddit is the go-to place to keep up with current trends and share your opinions on a wide variety of subjects, while engaging in heated debates on meaningless topics or finding authoritative figures. If something you post regretfully comes back up later or if you need a fresh start, deleting comments is easy and painless.

To delete posts and comments on Reddit, a third-party extension such as RES or Nuke can help. These extensions allow for mass deletion of Reddit history; both extensions can be installed on any browser but require you to enter developer mode before running them.

Redact makes sorting through and deleting past Reddit history effortless and trouble-free, whether that means embarrassing AskReddit threads or images posted to face-rating subreddits from years past. Get back your digital footprint with Redact and start living an organized life today.

How to delete your account on Reddit

Reddit can be an excellent place for staying informed and sharing opinions, but it can also become an arena where pointless flame wars break out over trivial matters or confrontational know-it-alls appear, becoming difficult or frustrating interactions with. Furthermore, long-time users may have said things they regret saying or would prefer being forgotten about on Reddit.

If you are ready to stop contributing on Reddit for good, it is a straightforward process to delete your account on both its website and mobile app. Just visit your account settings and scroll down until you see “Delete Account”, click it, and confirm.

Remember that Reddit uses soft deletes for posts and comments, meaning that while they disappear from your profile they remain in the database and could potentially be restored by site admins for monetization purposes. Power Delete Suite may help prevent this from occurring but is not 100% effective.

Reddit users have expressed a great deal of confusion regarding an unexplained sequence of numbers (2131953663) after deleted comments are replaced by moderators. While some suggest this might be caused by mobile glitches or code errors, others think it may just be random numbers – read on to uncover more information regarding this strange phenomenon!

The number is a mobile glitch

Deleted comments that are replaced by mysterious numbers lead to speculations as to their source. Some users see these mysterious digits as being caused by a cell glitch while others consider they could actually be real cell phone numbers – further increasing intrigue when used with mobile devices to read Reddit. Some even suggest these may be linked with adult comic sites by creating identification barcode-like identification numbers; or alternatively that their appearance could have resulted from an automated system for deleting comments or an error in code generation.

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