November 28, 2023
PHP Web Development Services

Developers across the globe have diverse programming language options for web application development. The major ones to consider are Python, Java, JavaScript, and PHP. In between these languages, PHP powers over 80% of the web applications and has an easy learning curve.   

However, to meet the growing demand of market trends and changing the PHP web development services has seen a massive surge. Codes are becoming advanced and complex in web development. Developers are integrating latest tools, frameworks, and libraries to build applications. In this blog, we will be discussing different PHP frameworks used to develop engaging and secure web applications.   

Introduction to PHP Frameworks  

PHP frameworks is a savior for developers while coding for a web application. Frameworks can be used to configure coding functions assisting developers to do multiple tasks simultaneously. With market full of Top PHP website development frameworks, selecting the best web development framework is a real challenge. We have discussed the most prominent ones but before that their benefits must be clear.  

Types of Backend Frameworks 

Backend frameworks for web application development is broadly classified into two major categories: 

  • Client-side framework: This includes only the user interface where user interacts with the application in the most simplified and engaging manner.  
  • Server-side framework: This includes management of the backend functionalities like database, web server and more. 

From above you have a proper understanding of backend framework and how they work, let us get started with their benefits to make a smart selection.  

Benefits of Using a Backend Framework 

The backend framework offers different benefits apart from making coding simpler and faster. Time-saving and cost-effective is also an added benefit for the developers.  

  • Security: For every developer, security of a web application is of utmost important to build a trust with their users. The application value and quality can be impacted from external factors if their security is not of best standard. Using best web development framework ensures web application is free from crashes, hacks, and other annoying factors. 
  • Scalability: Another benefit of frameworks is the flexibility they offer to the users. For example, several best framework for enterprise application offers scalable functionality when application grows in terms of fucntionality and features.  
  • Community Support: Most backend frameworks for web application development are open-source that is easy to customize. They have a vast community of developers, research persons, scholars who are always proactive in assisting others facing challenges with the development.  

Most Popular Backend Frameworks for 2023 

The list includes some of the development frameworks recommended by PHP web development services for desired business outcome.  

1. Laravel 

Laravel is the first choice for developers to build an engaging and secure web application. This open-source platform is designed for symphony-based applications. It is an ideal choice making Laravel application development company  experience significant growth in web application development queries. Laravel easy architectures and advanced features Makes it most suitable choice. 

Benefits of Laravel 

  • Provides advance security features like strong passwords, algorithms making it highly secure from attacks. 
  • It has features to offers widgets like CSS and JS code apart from PHP where complex project development is done with ease. 
  • The availability of the API that integrates with the SwiftMailer Library is an added benefits for the developers.  

2. Django 

Django is a Python based open-source web framework that work on the model–view–controller architecture. Majorly used to build database-driven complex web applications. If you are focused on leveraging high-performance Python microservices with Flask, Django is your good to go option.  

Benefits of Django 

  • Code-reuse feature of Django is really helpful for the developers to speedup development time and reduce operational cost.  
  • The web application developed are simple to optimize and get good ranking on search engine with its SEO-friendly features.  
  • It has a strong community base offering best web app security features like XSS protection with SQL injection protection.  

3. ASP.NET Core 

It is another open-source, and cross-platform framework available to build .NET applications. Being a a lightweight version of the Microsoft server stack, the web applications developed are compatible to variety of platforms and environments. It is perfect to build web apps and API servers by making use of different programming languages like C#, Visual Basic, and JavaScript. 

Benefits of ASP.NET Core 

  • It use JavaScript framework which is a highly popular language for the backend development.  
  • It requires very less coding which is useful to build web applications at a faster rate with less time to market. 
  • The performance has improved significantly in the last few years making it one of the best frameworks for enterprise application as per experts.  
  • For building mobile or web applications focused on Windows users, ASP.NET Core is the perfect framework to employ. 
  1. Cake PHP 

It is a highly popular and used PHP frameworks across the developer community. It helps to ease the development of complex and enterprise level web applications. The availability of visually-impressive features and use of CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) concept is worth considering.  

CakePHP has enjoyed amazing performance and numerous advanced components in the last few years that streamline the development work. The updated version has features to accelerate the web development and improve overall efficiency.  

Benefits of CakePHP 

  • Cake PHP simplifies the custom web development by providing a predefined code that can be used to build web applications.  
  • It implements the MVC architecture to streamline development work that is present under an MIT license for building applications for any size of business. 
  • For experienced PHP developers, the CakePHP offer a standard architecture to build web application of any level making it a secure framework. 
  1. Symfony 

The Symfony framework is serving PHP web development services since its release in in 2005. It has a long history than any other frameworks present in the blog post, and is a mature platform. The framework is recommended by experts as it follows PHP and web standards. 

Benefits of Symfony 

  • Being a compatible and easy to install on any platform, it is the perfect choice to build large-scale projects.  
  • It offers reusable PHP components helping to provide database-engine-independence, and complies with desired design patterns. 
  • Symfony is highly flexible and can easily integrate with large-scale projects for timely web application development.  

Factors to Choose a PHP Framework 

When making a selection of the PHP framework for your web application development, consider these crucial factors. 

  1. Web Application Requirements 

When making a selection, prioritize your project’s requirements. Prefer lightweight framework when project is simple and small needing easier maintenance. For large scale application, a robust framework with scalability features is a must.  

  1. Learning Curve  

Check whether your team is familiar with the framework you are looking to consider. This helps with a smooth transition and minimize development hurdles. Creating a proper balance between learning curve and benefits of adopting is mandatory. This is really useful for efficiency and reduced learning time. Carefully analyze the potential long-term benefits of selecting a new framework. 

  1. Community Support  

Make sure the PHP framework offers a strong community support in case on troubles. Community provide real-time assistance, and insights for project development. Presence of community eases the learning journey, tutorials, valuable guidance and resources. Moreover, verify the framework’s coding standards with the team’s existing skills. 

  1. Optimized Performance 

Optimized performance is important when selecting the best framework for enterprise application development. The framework’s ability to provide top-rated performance during the load times directly impacts efficiency and user experience. Prefer frameworks that prioritize performance optimization, real-time query handling, and fast code execution. 

  1. Maintenance Support 

Choose a development framework providing maintenance, regular updates, and real-time support during troubles. This is critical during the bug fixes, security patches, and technology improvements. Ensuring maintenance provides a stable foundation for the web application development and long-term success.  

Wrapping Up 

We have prepared a list of the trending PHP backend development frameworks to serve your specific business requirements. Selecting the right framework is now a simple process for you. Having right framework for the development reduce the overall work and even lowers operational cost. Each framework mentioned above has its own features, and they have different community, target audience and databases. 

So, identifying the best framework for your next web application project depends on several factors including security, ease of use, scalability, community and documentation. So, start by knowing the web application requirements you are looking to build. Then, choose the PHP framework that serves your business needs from the list.  

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