February 28, 2024
best Magento mobile eCommerce app

Magento is undoubtedly, one of the leading eCommerce platforms that have helped several companies with successful eCommerce web development. The popularity of the platform is significant in terms of manifold eCommerce websites offering a wide range of grocery, jewelry, furniture, and other set of products. With this rapid extension of online retail store development, even demand for creating the best Magento mobile eCommerce app is rising at an exponential extent.

In the current realm of internet surfing users, specifically across portable devices, the demand for mCommerce is rising widely. This has led to several top-notch grocery, jewelry, and online furniture brands being willing to transform their e-commerce website into a mobile app. And, that too with the assistance of a reliable eCommerce app development company. 

So, here in this blog, we will be covering some useful information related to Magento-based mCommerce app features.

Before diving in, let’s get to understand the importance of developing the best Magento mobile eCommerce app for your business.

Why mCommerce for product-based business?

Investing in mCommerce for your product-based business is beneficial in manifold ways that are as follows:

  • Responsive and eye-appealing eCommerce store design on a mobile app that offers simple accessibility and a flexible shopping experience.
  • User-friendly navigation approach for the benefit of customers to buy products and fulfill a diverse set of requirements.
  • Fast page loading speed on mobile apps helps increase the retention factor and further enhance product sales patterns.
  • Hassle-free and fast product checkout process to maintain customers’ trust factor to an optimum level.
  • Easy to add images and videos of products to ensure optimum set of customer engagement.
  • Get rid of the heavy content website with the help of a Magento-based eCommerce app.
  • Increase overall conversion rate via feature-rich and fast-running mobile e-commerce application, developed by the best Magento eCommerce development company in India.

Feature-rich List of the Best Magento Mobile eCommerce App

Here in this part of the blog, you will get to know the top-notch features of the Magento-based mobile app for the grocery, furniture, and jewelry business.

Features of Magento Online Grocery Application

Specific to an online grocery mobile app, based on the Magento eCommerce platform, you should pay special concern to must-have features. Here’s the list of mandatory to-add features in your online grocery shopping mobile app.

  • Fast and quick product search feature to find a variety of items with ease and comfort.
  • Calendar option for customers to select the scheduled delivery option as per the requirement.
  • Specific button related to Re-order. It’s required for regular customers, those who shop frequently on the platform.
  • Seamless order tracking functionality is a must to add an online grocery mobile app and get to know the real-time status of the order.
  • Push notification is another imperative feature to add to your online grocery app to provide a customized shopping experience to customers.
  • Store locator is another significant feature to consider. As per this feature, customers find it flexible to locate your store.
  • Multiple payment option is another important feature to consider. It allows the customers to pay via specific means.

Features of Magento Online Jewelry Mobile App

One of the integral importance of jewelry app development is finalizing the list of mandatory features. The same are mentioned below.

  • Real-time pictures and videos of jewelry products across different categories
  • Feature to add purity certification of jewelry on the mobile app to offer genuine products to customers.
  • Exchange option along with buyback functionality for the convenience of customers.
  • Free shipping option along with the functionality of insuring the jewelry bought by customers.
  • End-to-end jewelry assistance on the app for the benefit of customers to buy the right choice of products.
  • Offer related to the customization of jewelry products on the mobile.
  • Complete the jewelry guide on the mobile app for the convenience of customers to know the purity level and other necessary attributes.
  • Custom packaging feature for customers to pack expensive jewelry products as per their personal requirements.
  • A 100% return policy could be an essential feature of the platform.

Features of Magento Online Furniture App 

If you want the online furniture Magento eCommerce design of the app superior compared to competitors, then its features must be of the highest value. Get started with end-to-end online furniture app development with the inclusion of necessary features like below.

  • Social registration and login that allows customers to buy online furniture quickly.
  • Complete chatbot support for allowing customers to get quick answers and product suggestions. 
  • Deep search patterns to find a particular choice of furniture based on type, size, quality, material, and price. 
  • In-app camera for customers to take pictures of furniture for later viewing experience. 
  • Different payment modules.
  • Loyal programs for customers to offer numerous deals, discounts, coupon codes, etc. 

Concluding Thoughts

Transform your eCommerce website into a fast, intuitive, and feature-rich mobile app to ensure a great deal of sales patterns. For grocery, jewelry, or even furniture business, rely on a Magento-based eCommerce platform to ensure long-term success ahead. Concerning the same, hire a Magento developer from a leading agency called Magento India. Count on the expertise of this company to create your eCommerce app right from scratch or add numerous features at an affordable cost.

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