February 27, 2024
5 Major Issues of Used Bikes That Need To Be Fixed

Owning a motorcycle is good for you and makes your daily commute easier. A two-wheeler is certainly a practical means of transport that saves on daily travel costs and arrives at your destination on time. Nowadays many people own their own bike and others would like to buy it online or directly from a dealer.

But having a motorcycle with you comes with a certain responsibility, which is to take care of your motorcycle to keep it running and working. mechanical condition. In short: offer timely maintenance, buy bike accessories and spare parts online, and clean your bike regularly. To ensure a smooth ride and avoid unexpected breakdowns, it is important that you take good care of your bike under all circumstances. All the more integral, when you plan to sell your used bike in the future, keeping it in ideal condition is necessary for you.

So in this blog, we are going to share with you the top five signs that will tell you when your bike needs servicing and maintenance.

First sign: motorcycle engine problem

Motorcyclists often have problems with the motorcycle engine if the motorcycle does not start in time after many attempts. There may be some signs that you cannot ignore when riding a motorcycle and fix them to give your two-wheeler the care and maintenance it needs.

  • The bike does not start on the first or second try.
  • Suddenly you feel less acceleration going uphill.
  • Shifting problems when driving in heavy traffic.
  • It is not possible to brake sufficiently in time.
  • Loose clutch, problem with the brake pads, smoke from the engine.

And the list goes on.

If you experience any of the problems listed above, this is a clear sign that you need to have your bike repaired first.

Second Sign: Battery Problem

Another sign that your bike needs repair or even replacement is a problem with the battery. Of course, the battery is one of the critical parts of the motorcycle, providing the power needed to turn on the lights and start the motorcycle. However, your bike may have battery problems as you can see from the signs below.

  • There is rust on the battery’s electrical connections.
  • The headlight or taillight of the motorcycle begins to fade.
  • The horn does not sound when the ignition is on.
  • Difficulty starting the motorcycle with the auto starter.

Frequent ignition triggers.

Third Sign: Technical Problems

Apart from your engine and battery, there might be some other issues that you are facing while riding your motorcycle. It could be in terms of slow speed, reduced mileage capacity, poor acceleration, and so on. All of such things happen due to alarming technical issues in your bike and that too is based on numerous mentioned signs.

Facing poor riding experience due to low air pressure in your tires. This could later lead to flat tires, if not repaired the motorcycle well on time.

A reduced throttle body assembly is another fault that can occur. In this case, there is a problem with the engine, for example, a defective part or something else.

Sometimes a low engine oil level in a motorcycle can negatively affect the mileage efficiency, reducing it to an optimal level. This can even result in black smoke coming out of the motorcycle exhaust. The slow speed of your bike is also caused by a chain problem and needs to be fixed in time.

Fourth sign: unexpected noise

While driving, you may notice an unpleasant smell from the motorcycle engine or an unusual noise. When these things happen, it means your bike has noise and odor issues. And here are the following signs you may encounter.

  • An unpleasant smell from a motorcycle exhaust makes everyone uncomfortable.
  • Some noise issues like popping, popping, crackling, spitting, or others.
  • A noise is heard immediately after starting and then stopping the motorcycle engine.

Fifth sign: The engine oil has not been changed for a while.

Keeping the same engine oil in your motorcycle for a long period of time can cause various mechanical problems. As you already know, engine oil is an essential part of bicycle spare parts and helps to lubricate various engine parts, ensure smooth air circulation, and increase engine efficiency and performance. However, using stale engine oil can cause discomfort, including many of the following symptoms.

  • The fuel consumption of motorcycles decreases.
  • Smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe.
  • Acceleration begins to decrease at a constant rate.
  • Engine noise is louder than usual.

The signs shown above merely warn motorcycle owners that they must have their handling characteristics checked at an authorized workshop. Vehicle maintenance includes timely maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of necessary parts.

Concluding Thoughts

Keeping the second-hand bike in good condition is of integral importance to ride it effectively and resale at an expected choice of price. Do take care of the mechanical issues with regular clean-up and change of parts.

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