February 28, 2024

The monsoon season brings freshness and coolness to the overall environment. The reason opens the doors of energy and enthusiasm across surroundings and allows people to enjoy the external areas.

On one side, monsoon season helps get rid of the hot scorching summer days, on the other side, the season brings difficulties for motorcycle riders. Those having a two-wheeler or looking forward to buying an online bike should know how to ride safely during the monsoon season.

As you already know the fact that during a rainy day, streets are clogged with water, roads become slippery, and improve sewage leakage makes it difficult to ride across surroundings. Not only this, you will find jam-packed road conditions across a wide spectrum of areas that will make your journey delay. All the more crucial is the risk of riding your motorcycle on water-logged roads and might face an unexpected fall.

To overcome all such riding issues that arise during the monsoon season, you should follow some safety tips and tricks mentioned in this blog. Here, get to know some monsoon riding preparation tips along with safety measures to reach your destination efficiently.

Eight safety tips to ride a bike during monsoon season

1. Clean the tires deeply

To stay on the road, while riding on the wet road, it is important on your part to maintain motorcycle tires. Clean the tires thoroughly, before start riding and make sure enough air is filled inside to ride smoothly across surfaces. Also, make sure to ride at a decent speed to ensure tires maintain a grip on wet surfaces and prevent chances of slipping down after applying brakes at an instant.

2. Do service your motorcycle completely

Another safety-related tip, you must follow is servicing the motorcycle before the arrival of monsoon season. Depending on the condition of your bike, do clean the engine, add engine oil, buy online bike accessories and spare parts for replacement, clean the spark plug, check brake pads, or change if find necessary. Make sure you follow all such things to maintain the optimum performance of your motorcycle.

3. Add anti-rusting coating on the bike

Finding rust in the monsoon season on different surfaces of your motorcycle is common. But it can affect the efficiency of parts and the overall riding experience. Therefore, it is necessary on your part to apply anti-rust coating on the fuel tank, handlebar, engine, and across other parts. Doing this will help in preventing rust caused by rainwater and the constant wet condition. You can connect with a reliable service partner to apply the anti-rust coating to minimize rainwater damage.

4. Add Teflon coasting to the motorcycle

Not many people are aware of the benefit of adding teflon coating to the motorcycle engine. It’s a protective layer for your bike’s engine that prevents the effect of rainwater and maintain the efficiency of the bike’s running condition. You add the Teflon coating with the help of a reliable partner at an affordable price without facing any hassle.

5. Clean and lubricate the chain system

One of the alarming effects of rainwater on your motorcycle is adding rust to the chain system. It is due to the constant touch of rainwater on the metallic chain system that will attract rust and hamper your riding condition. To avoid the same, you should repair the chain system and lubricate it well before taking your motorcycle out in the monsoon area.

6. Do clean the air filters regularly

Another bike protective thing you must follow is cleaning the air filter regularly to ensure proper performance to an optimum level. It’s the basic yet must-to-follow repairing tip to clean the air filter and maintain the seamless flow of clean air into the engine and trap all the dirt and dust particles.

7. Make sure to check the levers & brakes

Levers, hinges, and brakes are basically safety components of your motorcycle that ensure a seamless riding experience ahead. For getting ready for the monsoon riding, you must replace the worn-out brake lever, wire, and hinges with new and genuine quality ones. To avoid the screeching sound of brakes while riding during the wet season, it is essential to do the necessary repair work before hands.

8. Do repair the complete chain system

One of the most affected areas of your motorcycle during the wet riding condition is the chain system. The metallic component is the one which is the most affected part of the bike when comes into contact with water, specifically the rainwater. It is required to repair the chain system or replace components before the rainy season starts.

Things to take care of while on the motorcycle

Take into consideration that you need to follow certain riding guidelines while on the motorcycle.

Have control over motorcycles:

Wet roads are dangerous for riders to travel at high speed, taking instant turns, and even applying instant brakes. As you already know the fact that wet road conditions have less traction for your bike tires and increase the chances of slipping away. Therefore, ensure a smooth riding experience by keeping complete control of the bike, avoiding taking jerky turns, preventing steering aggressively, and following other riding rules.

Follow the right set of techniques:

Braking during the monsoon season has of integral importance on the part of riders. In case the bike has ABS, then it will stop instantly without causing any harm. If it does not have ABS, then you need to be extra careful in applying brakes gradually for stopping the ride instead of using an instant braking technique. Also, learn to apply always the rear brake during wet road conditions to avoid any fall down or unnecessary damage.

Stay at a minimal speed:

High speed definitely kills when it comes to riding in wet road conditions. It is advisable to maintain a low-pace ride to avoid any physical mishappening while traveling across different road conditions.

Maintain a safe distance:

As you already know the importance of slow bike braking technique is essential to stop the ride well on time. In connection with the same, follow the technique of applying motorcycle brakes at a distance to seamlessly stop. It further helps you maintain a safe distance from other vehicles around.

Prevent unsafe sets of lines:

Do you know safe marking lines on the road? If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that such protective lines allow you to ride safely. Especially during the monsoon season, try to ride away from zebra crossings, line dividers, and even manhole covers. Because these areas become too wet and become slippery too. Therefore, it is safe for you to avoid riding on such markings and stay on the safe side.

Keep your headlights on:

As a matter of necessary precaution, always keep your motorcycle headlights on when riding during the monsoon season. Switching on the headlights will help other vehicles to know your presence on the road and maintain a safe set of distance.

Stay away from corners:

As long as you are riding in wet conditions outside, try to stay away from road corners. It is due to the fact that during the rainy season, corners are logged with water. And it’s dangerous to ride in the corner part of the road.

Manage your firm grip

It is essential to manage a firm grip on the handlebar during the wet condition scenario. Prevent slipping away your hands from the handle and keep your eyes firm on the road.

Concluding Thoughts

Monsoon season has already knocked on its door and it’s time for you to buckle up for a safe motorcycle riding experience. Gear up for the wet season riding by following several protective tips and tricks. Also, maintain your Hero motorcycle mechanical efficiency by spending on genuine spare parts and accessories available at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform.

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