February 28, 2024

If securing a six-pack at your local bottleshop is not the fastest option, buying beer online can be a viable alternative. Whether you’re into lagers, stouts, or famed cult labels, these sites make getting your fix at home easy.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many breweries have been diversifying their business models to include DtC e-commerce sales. Online purchases allow them to continue trading during the pandemic.


Online sales of beer have become a valuable way for consumers to purchase their favorite brews without the need to leave the house. Whether it’s for a quick drink with friends or to stock up on a new favorite, ordering online is convenient and safe. Check for craft beer delivery.

Traditionally, the vast majority of online beer sales stemmed from omnichannel retailers who sold beer as part of a consumer’s weekly grocery shop. However, this channel provided a limited canvas for the country’s small breweries.

As a result, many breweries have taken matters into their own hands to offer online beer delivery. For example, the newly launched Hopsy platform has partnered with Caviar to allow consumers in select East Bay neighborhoods to receive growlers of local craft beer on demand. Drizly is another example of a startup offering direct-to-consumer delivery. Whether it’s for hard-to-find sours or unique seasonal brews, online beer delivery can give beer lovers access to new varieties that they may otherwise have had trouble finding in stores.


Small breweries are taking advantage of new delivery services. It’s a win-win for drinkers looking to expand their palate and breweries looking for new customers.

Most large beer companies use traditional distributors, which buy from breweries and sell to stores and bars. But smaller craft breweries usually sell their own beers directly to consumers in tasting rooms and at brewery-owned restaurants.

Oznr is an online platform that acts as a middle man between breweries and their customers, much like GrubHub. It supports local breweries by growing their bottle societies and membership clubs, as well as helping them get limited-time releases and particular batch brews to people who would otherwise have to wait in long lines or travel to find them.

Local breweries like Strong Rope Brewing in Staten Island are offering a selection of bottled beers for delivery through their website. And Brooklyn-based Interboro Spirits and Ales is offering delivery in areas surrounding its Carroll Gardens taphouse, as well as shipping throughout New York state.


As long as you don’t live in one of the six states that have banned home delivery of , you can find a decent selection of craft beers at a fairly reasonable price on FreshDirect. However, you should be aware that deliveries aren’t always quick, and beverages require a signature and ID verification to be delivered.

The service offers a variety of options, including the ability to customize your order, and you can also choose how frequently you’d like to receive shipments. You can opt for a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly shipment, and you can cancel at any time. A downside of the service is that you can’t choose your beers, which may not be ideal if you’re a picky drinker or have guests over often. Nevertheless, the price point is still very competitive when compared to similar services. Additionally, knowing the economic benefit associated with a particular quality attribute would enable producers to make more suitable product differentiation choices.


Many breweries are now offering their beer online, eliminating the need for customers to wait in long lines. But e-commerce isn’t without its challenges for craft beer.

One big issue is that the federally mandated three-tier system prohibits breweries from selling directly to consumers (even through third parties like AmazonFresh).

Some breweries and local bars are stepping up their game and emphasizing their craft beer delivery offerings, such as Holland Village favorite Grimm Taproom. Their beer delivery option lets drinkers enjoy cult favorites and seasonal selections in the comfort of their homes.

Shipping costs can add up when it comes to beer bottles, as they’re bulky and fragile. That’s why some breweries suggest shipping 4-6 beers at a time, which helps keep the price down. For the most secure purchase, most online beer sites require that the signature is made by a person over 21.

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