September 26, 2023
Sun-Kissed Sophistication

Sun-kissed is a synonym for radiantly beautiful, and these sun-inspired wedding accessories are sure to make your day shine.

For a bohemian look, try wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Guests will be reconnecting with the earth as they place their cards in these stone place card holders. These rustic, druzy stones are both functional and stylish.

Sun Kissed Candle

Accourding to Official Bohemian Beach Boutique Whether you’re planning a tropical getaway or simply want to bring some sun kissed brightness into your home, this triple wick jar candle will fill your space with the bright citrus notes and florals of your favorite beach vacation. The scent’s fresh fragrance blends pops of fruit with musk and vanilla for a light, warm and soothing aroma.

A little sun, a little surf and a whole lot of citrus-this spirited scent is inspired by orange groves that grow along the shore all year long. Lemony cardamom, juniper and cedar round out this uplifting fragrance. Our glass canister candles are durable and lightweight, making them a timeless keepsake box once your candle is finished burning. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting for best results, and burn 4 hours at a time.

Sun Kissed Crown

A neutral summer hat is the perfect accessory to elevate your beachy vibe. This breathable crown has adjustable strings around the head so you can find your fit, and a fringe finish for a soft, boho look. Pair it with a sun kissed tote for an outfit that’s truly head-turning.

Foilyage is a popular hair highlighting technique that blends the placement of foil highlighting with the free-hand painting of Balayage (a French hair coloring technique). This approach shifts the natural-looking highlights to the front of the face, mimicking how the sun lightens the top sections of your hair when you’re facing it. It’s a great option for those with lighter brown hair who want to achieve that natural, sun-kissed summer glow. For a seamless, low maintenance finish, try our Luminous Blondor pre-lightener and feather the color into the hair instead of applying it all at once.

Sun Kissed Palo Santo Sticks

Traditionally used by South American Shamans and Healers, palo santo is said to protect against negativity, inspire creativity, and bring good fortune. Its uplifting aroma promotes positive thinking and clears the energy field.

A smudge stick is an easy way to cleanse a space of any negative energy. Light one end of a stick over an open flame (such as a lighter, campfire, or your stove’s burner) and allow it to burn for 30 seconds to a minute before blowing out the flames. The smoldering stick will release white smoke that can be wafted around the room or your body, filling your environment with a restful scent and cleansing energy.

Every palo santo stick will look and burn slightly differently, as each piece of wood comes from different parts of the tree.

Sun Kissed Stone Place Card Holders

Whether you’re setting a table for a holiday dinner with family and friends, Galentine’s Day with the girls or a casual brunch with coworkers, a well-designed place card set sets the tone for your event. Featuring polished marble, this stone place card holder is the perfect complement to both rustic and more elegant table settings. Add personalized digital calligraphy (up to 16 guest’s names) to complete the look.

Furniture and oversized items are shipped directly to your home for free, while smaller items can be delivered to your local store for customer pickup or a reduced flat rate for Doorstep Delivery.

Sun Kissed Water Feature

The crisp elegance of a top south shore villa with sweeping Caribbean views that can be enjoyed from both the living area and private bedroom suite. Decorated with soft cardibbean colors, comfy furnishings and local art, this is a great choice for those who want tropical ambiance and top of the line amenities!

A sweet and refreshing treat for any swashbuckler. This fruity rum cocktail blends white rum with pineapple and orange for an exotic combination that’s sure to delight even the most experienced buccaneer. Served in a tall glass with soda water, this sun kissed drink will certainly have you feeling like a pirate on a sunny day at the beach!

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