December 6, 2023
kombucha brand bears fruit

The story of the kombucha brand bears fruit begins with a bad date and two strangers who took a leap of faith and co-founded the Brooklyn-based beverage company. Today, the company produces three flavors of organic and fair trade kombucha in 10 oz. glass bottles, including Blueberry Lavender, Pineapple Mint and Strawberry Jalapeno.

Blueberry Lavender

This fizzy drink is a blend of sweet blueberries and floral lavender. The ingredients are all-natural, and it contains billions of probiotics that boost gut health*. It’s also kosher, gluten-free, verified non-alcoholic and has 80 calories per bottle.

If you’re looking for a more alcoholic version of this kombucha, try mixing it with vodka in a cocktail shaker. The sweet blueberries and lavender will make a refreshing, relaxing drink that’s perfect for summer.

Make your own blueberry lavender simple syrup at home to give your kombucha a delicious flavor. It’s easy to make and it lasts for several weeks in the fridge. You can also use it to add a pop of color to cocktails or iced beverages, like lemonade or iced tea. This set of small stainless steel saucepans is a kitchen staple that you’ll find yourself using all the time. They’re affordable and come with a funnel, extra gaskets and chalkboard labels for customizing recipes.

Pineapple Mint

Pineapple mint (Mentha suaveolens ‘Variegata’) is a variegated cultivar of apple mint that produces attractive, green leaves with white margins. Its pineapple scent makes it a welcome addition to summer dishes and drinks. This variety of mint is a great choice for planting in containers on a patio, porch or terrace. It is a fast grower, so it can quickly fill pots or garden boxes. You can also snip its leaves throughout the year and enjoy them in salads, desserts or in tea.

A pineapple mint kombucha smoothie is like a vacation in a glass! Its fruity sweetness and refreshing tartness are perfectly balanced with the mint’s signature coolness. Top it off with a paper umbrella and enjoy!

The organic kombuchas by Bear’s Fruit are made with whole fruits and herbs. They don’t use any juice, concentrates or other “weird stuff” and they contain billions of probiotics. You can find them in New York at yoga studios, grocery stores and Whole Foods.

Strawberry Jalapeno

When dieters are trying to lose weight, they often want to choose low-sugar Kombucha brands that will fit their goals. The best options are those that have 5.3 grams or less of carbs per 10 fl. oz.

This pick from Jet Bear has a delicate balance of sweet and spicy. It’s made with organic whole fruit and herbs instead of juices and is fermented and bottled in Brooklyn, New York.

The founders of this brand say their inspiration for the business came from a bad date. Their kombucha has a “pleasant tang,” isn’t too bitter and doesn’t taste like vinegar. This selection is a great choice for anyone who wants to get more probiotics into their diet.

In addition to strawberries, this recipe adds minced jalapenos and BK gochujang paste for a hint of smoke, garlic and heat. The result is a jam-like beverage that tastes best spooned over goat cheese or cream cheese on appetizer trays.

Lemon Rosemary

Lemon rosemary is a bright flavor combination that brings zesty citrus to the table. This is one of our best-selling flavors.

This kombucha is great for a refreshing drink on a hot day, or when you’re craving something fruity and refreshing. It’s brewed with organic black tea, and has no artificial ingredients or added sugar.

Kombucha (kuhm*boo*chuh) is a fermented tea that is rich in probiotics and has many health benefits. It is similar to green tea, but with more flavor and different probiotics.

When you pair it with this lemon rosemary chicken skillet, you’ve got a healthy dinner that comes together quickly. It’s perfect for weeknight family dinners or a quick meal on the go. Pair it with an easy Italian salad or roasted asparagus and serve with bread for a complete meal. It’s a delicious, simple dinner that the whole family will love. And it keeps and reheats well, so you can make it ahead of time for busy days!

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