February 28, 2024
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Water soluble bags are a powerful and practical packaging option for dry chemicals, agrochemicals, medical applications, and more. They are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.

These clear bags conceal contaminated laundry, minimizing contact between staff members and the contaminants. They are easy to store and come with tie-tape closures.

1. Choose the Right Material

Water soluble bags are an eco-friendly, hygienic alternative to plastic bags. They minimize contact between staff and contaminated laundry and are designed to dissolve in hot water. They’re also a great choice for hospitals and nursing homes to protect patients and residents from blood-borne pathogens, bed bugs, and other pests.

These bags can also help to reduce the amount of waste generated by reducing the need for laundry services and saving money in the long run. They’re often used in the agriculture sector to package chemicals and fertilizers, making it safer for farmers to handle these dangerous substances without direct contact.

One of the best water-soluble bags manufacturers is Solubag, which makes a variety of products that are made from natural materials. They’re non-toxic and oil-free, and when they’re dissolved in water, they leave no trace or marks on fabrics and other items within the bag. They can even be printed with a message or logo, and are available in a variety of stock sizes.

2. Design the Bag

The most common use for these bags is in hospitals and nursing homes to minimize contact between staff members and contaminated laundry. The bag conceals the soiled linen, which prevents germs from spreading to healthy employees. Once it’s time to wash the clothes, operators simply unzip the bag and drop it into a machine. This eliminates the need to touch contaminated clothing, and it protects healthcare workers from blood borne pathogens or bed bugs.

Other uses for these water-soluble bags include dissolving bath bombs or science experiment kits for kids. These kits and toys often contain messy or irritating chemicals that are dangerous to touch. Dissolving the chemicals in the pouches ensures that children don’t have to touch them, while also protecting the environment.

The Zero Bag is an eco-friendly garment bag designed by Kyeongho Park and Yejin Heo, industrial design students at Hanyang University’s ERICA campus in Korea. The bag is made from Hydropol, a flexible polymer that’s based on PVOH. It features incredible clarity and high gas barrier properties while remaining environmentally sustainable.

3. Test the Bags

The manufacturer offers custom water-soluble bags made of PVOH film in different sizes for storing, transporting and cleaning soiled laundry. These non-polluting, biodegradable bags are odorless, safe and leave no waste or residue. They are also impervious to oils, greases & solvents & resist static electricity. These are ideal for healthcare & hazardous waste facilities, hospitals, nursing homes & hotels for storing soiled linens, uniforms & clothing. Bags are designed to isolate contaminated laundry and eliminate human contact with dirty or contaminated clothes. Bags are also heat sealable. Made in the USA. Custom printing is available. Samples & specs are available.

Supplier manufactures custom and standard water soluble bags in bulk for industrial, commercial, electronics, jewelry, textile, medical, food, dinnerware, hardware, automotive and electrical applications. Capabilities include coating, printing, flexography, die cutting and hot stamping.

4. Order the Bags in Bulk

Manufacturer of standard and custom water-soluble bags used to isolate, store & transport soiled laundry, uniforms & bed linens. Products are resistant to blood-borne pathogens, MRSA and pests like bed bugs & safely degrade into water & carbon dioxide. Industries served include hospitals, hazardous waste facilities & commercial laundry services.

Based on material type, demand for water-soluble bags made of PVA is expected to grow the fastest. This is due to the fact that they provide a safer and more environmentally friendly way for workers to handle chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers without coming into direct contact with them.

Featuring a heat-sealed bag with tie tape closures, these pre-portioned bags eliminate the need to touch dry chemicals or agrochemicals and are easy to open. Bags are available in various sizes and thicknesses. These bags can also withstand high temperatures and do not leak. The manufacturer also offers a range of custom-printed and industrial/commercial bag solutions.

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