September 27, 2023
Double-Sided Adhesive

Double-sided tapes are an ingenious invention for bonding a wide range of materials and surfaces. They remove the need for holes or fasteners and can be used on surfaces with a low surface energy or dissimilar surfaces.

When choosing a double-sided tape, it is important to consider the type of surface you will be working on. For example, the tackiness of a tape is temperature-dependent and will decline in cold conditions.


Whether you need to paste a poster on the wall or hang something from a hook, this double-sided tape is a must-have. These clear tapes can easily stick to any surface and hold it firmly without leaving any gluey residue. You just need to remove the liner, place the adhesive side against the object or surface and press firmly. They are also photo-safe and water-resistant.

The strength of a double-sided tape varies, but many regular ones claim to hold up to 15 pounds. This isn’t as strong as nails or screws, but it’s sufficient for most applications.

The width of the tape matters, too. Narrow tapes can hide between two thin objects without being visible, while wider ones cover more surface area with a single strip. You can even find differential tapes that allow you to adhere to different substrates with the same bonding point. These are ideal for industrial and manufacturing use. They can be customized by a converter to meet your needs.


Double-sided tape is a type of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that has a layer of adhesive on each side of a carrier substrate material. The carrier material functions to stabilize the adhesive, improve handling and removability, and provide dimensional stability. It also allows the option to use different adhesives on each side of the carrier (differential adhesive), enabling application flexibility.

The right tape for your project depends on the types of surfaces you plan to bond together. For example, you would want a versatile tape that works with various materials including glass, aluminum, plastic, and wood. A premium double-sided tape will also be easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue behind.

It is important to store your tape correctly, away from direct sunlight and in a temperature-controlled area. Exposure to sun can cause the tape to lose its stickiness. The tape will also lose its adhesion if it’s too cold. To avoid this, warm up the surface or the tape before removing it.


The adhesive on a double-sided tape plays an important role in how it works. If it’s not strong enough, the tape won’t stick, or it may damage the surface it’s applied to. In some cases, the adhesive can even lose its strength if it’s exposed to the elements for too long.

You also want to make sure the tape is compatible with the materials you plan to use it on. Some tapes are designed for specific types of surfaces, like glass, glazed tile, and bare metal. Others are more versatile and work well with a variety of materials.

Another factor to consider is how easy it is to remove the tape. Quality double-sided tapes don’t leave a sticky residue behind, and they usually peel off smoothly and in one piece. Some tapes even come with recommendations for warming them up before you try to remove them, which can help them peel off smoother and more easily.


Double-sided tape is a great way to hold together surfaces without the need for drilling. It can be used for crafts, office supplies, and other purposes. Choosing the right tape can make your projects look better and save time. The adhesive should be strong and long-lasting. It should also be easy to remove without leaving residue.

You should also consider the temperature where the double-sided tape will be applied. Some tapes may lose their adhesion if they are exposed to heat. This is because the adhesive and the carrier may lose their bonding properties. If the adhesive is formulated to work over a wide range of temperatures, it will be more resilient.

If you’re a beginner, choose a double-sided tape that’s made from PET liners. These liners are environmentally friendly and offer high-performance adhesive strength. They also prevent tearing and are designed to provide maximum adhesion to a variety of substrates. These types of tapes also have a high peeling strength and require little curing time.

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