February 27, 2024

Two-wheelers are an essential mode of transportation to ideally face the city’s jam-packed traffic conditions. Motorcycles and scooters help you reach your destination on time and save on transportation costs.

That’s why most commuters prefer to travel daily via two-wheeler and prefer to buy a new one with advanced technical & mechanical efficiencies. But before doing that, one has to sell the existing two-wheeler after knowing the bike’s resale value on a reliable platform.

In between that process, there involves the important task of knowing the value of your used bike and trying everything to increase the same. Maintaining your existing motorcycle is the only way to get the desired two-wheeler valuation for the reselling purpose.

You just have to follow simple bike maintenance steps to best maintain its running and physical condition. And accordingly, sell at an appropriate time at its raised resale value.

So, here in this blog, we will be sharing with you five imperative ways to increase the value of a used bike and sell it at the best possible price.

1. Change engine oil regularly: Checking and changing the engine oil of your existing bike is crucial to maintain its running conditions. It’s not just essential to keep the engine oil at full capacity, but it helps the engine cools down whenever the heat is generated after the combustion process. Fully lubricated engine parts inside help improve fuel efficiency along with smooth functioning while riding at a high or slow speed. Therefore, it is relevant to regularly check and change your two-wheeler’s engine oil. And doing so will help you enhance its riding condition which further allows you to avail of higher resale value.

2. Keep the air pressure well-maintained: Another useful tip to keep maintaining your motorcycle for a long is taking care of the tires at regular intervals. Less air pressure keeps your ride difficult across bumpy and uneven roads. It even increases the chances of deflated tires that might stop your journey in the middle of the road. Not only this, less air inside tires keeps it difficult to maintain proper balance on road. Keeping all such points in mind, you must check and fill the tire with the required air pressure, fix punctures instantly, and if required, change tires at the time of reselling your motorcycle.

3. Clean & wash the bike: Next best maintenance tip you must follow is to keep your motorcycle clean, polished, and shiny in appearance. Regular riding within the city limits is responsible for the accumulation of dirt and grease around the bike’s engine, parts, and other areas. Not only, it leads to degraded running performance but also affects the physical appearance of your bike. Ultimately, it might result in a less-than-expected old two-wheeler bike price at the time of valuation. So, follow the practice of regular pressure washer cleaning, professional polishing, and physical maintenance of a motorcycle.

4. Lubricate the chain at every service: Lubricating the motorcycle chain is important to ensure smooth running conditions. With the passage of time and the non-stop riding of a motorcycle, the chain system invited unnecessary grease and oil onto the surface. It results in bumpy riding conditions along with low mileage capacity. To avoid all this, lubricate the chain system and clean it regularly with the help of an automotive expert.

5. Brakes must be working properly: Taking care of your used bike’s brakes is something not to forget. You must check and change the lever, wire, and even brake pads that wear out at

the time of service. Also, change the brake fluid with a genuine quality product to ensure effective stoppage without facing any hassle. An effective braking system will help add more score to your motorcycle valuation process.

Final Thoughts

A properly maintained motorcycle has an increased reselling value in the marketplace. You must follow essential maintenance tips to keep up your motorcycle for a long and even increase the resale value of the bike efficiently. To check the price of a used bike, get access to the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform and know the real-time of the two-wheeler. In addition to that, get an exchange offer on the same platform itself that helps you pay less for a new Hero Motocorp motorcycle.

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