February 27, 2024

Keeping up your motorcycle running and well-maintained is essential to let it there for you for a long-lasting time. Undoubtedly, it is imperative to maintain the overall functioning of your motorcycle rather than just considering buying online bikes from a reliable platform.

As a rider, it is essential on your part to perform the pre-ride and the post-ride checks to ensure seamless functionality of the ride. You need to do this because riding the bike to a great deal of distance, ensures riding comfort, and affordable travel without facing any hassle. And one of the imperative things you need to consider for the seamless running condition of your bike is checking and changing the relevant fluids.

With fluids, mean different types of oils that are necessary for the effective functioning of the motorcycle, avoiding unexpected breakdowns, and affordable ride ahead. So, here in this blog, we will be sharing information on seven relevant fluids you require for the motorcycle to ride seamlessly and conveniently.

7 types of essential fluids you require for a motorcycle

Every single part of your existing or new motorcycle that you have been thinking to buy is important for its seamless functioning. Similar to the likes of buying online bike accessories and spare parts, you must give equal importance to the essential fluids you require for the motorcycle to run efficiently across distances.

1. Engine Oil: The most important fluid that must be there in relevant condition inside your motorcycle is certainly the engine oil. On this oil depends several spare parts function effectively while allowing the bike to run and obtain a great deal of mileage capacity. Your motorcycle must be having the essential liter of high-quality engine oil inside to obtain the necessary power and increase the fuel-efficiency. Depending on the expert advice of automobile professionals, you must provide the required engine oil to the bike at regular intervals. Those riding within the city quarters must change the engine oil every single or two months while giving the bike for servicing. Even for experiencing long-riding pleasure, you must change the engine oil before and after a particular ride.

2. Multi-purpose lubricant: There are times when bolts, nuts, and other steel parts get clogged with water and receive rust on the surface. It leads to crank and unusual sounds coming out of the parts that make your real problem slow at times. Thus, to fix this issue, you need to have the multi-purpose lubricant applied or sprayed on the bike parts to remove the water contamination issue. A lubricant can displace the water from the surfaces and make sure there is no such corrosion on the bolts and nuts.

3. Coolant: Just like any other fluid for a motorcycle, coolant is also required to maintain the temperature inside the engine. A coolant as the name implies is a cooling agent for your motorcycle’s engine that helps lowering down the running temperature and ensure the effective performance of the engine. Unlike, changing the engine oil at every single service or at regular intervals, you need to change the coolant after a period of time.

4. Chain Lube: Another imperative part of your motorcycle is the chain set that ensures the smooth running of wheels after the engine starts. Just like lubricating the bolts and nuts, you also need to grease up the surface of the chain by using a specialized chain lube. It’s up to you to utilize the chain lube in liquid or any other spray form to well lubricate the chain parts for a long.

5. Brake cleaner: As the name itself implies, brake cleaner is certainly used to clean the brake shoe, wire, and lever. As you already know the fact that regular condition of your motorcycle

is responsible for the swift condition of brakes that must be fixed well on time. And that is to avoid any issue at the very last moment.

6. Electric contact cleaner: There are times when sticky grease and grime substances are attached to the wires, electrical parts, side stand, and other areas. It leads to the condition of non-functioning of the motorcycle at certain times. Thus, to fix the issue, you need to have an electric contract cleaner remove all the grease, dirt, and grime well on time.

7. Detailers & waxing: If your existing motorcycle is there in the parking for a long, then certainly its parts have experienced rust and dust across distinctive areas. To fix the same, use precise detailers and waxing cleaners to clean the surface along with making them appear shiny and new to the eyes of onlookers.

Best service tips for a motorcycle to ensure seamless riding

At this point, you must have got an idea of the essential fluids you require for the seamless running condition of your motorcycle. Well, next to focus on is keeping a few bike servicing tips and tricks in mind before dropping your ride at the service center.

  • First, check the overall condition of your motorcycle before dropping the same at the service center. It is essential to take a test ride while listening to any unusual or cranky sound.
  • Check the electricals before giving the bike for regular servicing.
  • Ask the service professionals to change the engine oil, wash it deeply, and if require change other fluids as well.
  • Do ask for maintaining the overall tire condition with cleaning and finding any punctures.
  • Check the mileage efficiency of your motorcycle and get it fixed to ride within budget.

Concluding Thoughts

Maintaining the parts, electrical, engine, and overall efficiency of your existing motorcycle is important to ensure a smooth ride along with long-lasting ownership. Even for new riders who are looking to buy two-wheeler for ladies or even bikes, it is essential to have complete information on the fluids along with other service-related obligations.

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