October 1, 2023
Ear Infections

Cold weather can be a cause of cold and flu for a lot of people. To add to that a lot of kids are also suffering from ear infections. An ear infection is basically an infection of the middle ear space of the ear and can be caused by both bacteria and viruses. 

The area behind the eardrum infects and fluid accumulates because the Eustachian tube doesn’t function normally. Now, a lot of people do not have this understanding of ear infections and they start to hear different information from different people and start believing in it.

The best otolaryngologist in Pakistan says that the signs and symptoms of ear infection can be fever, poor sleep, ear drainage, loss of appetite, increased fussiness, and pulling and tugging on the ears. Not everyone is aware of this, and to take it as a responsibility I will be busting 5 myths for you regarding ear infections today. So let’s dig in. 

Myth 1: An ear infection is always a sign of an emergency

Ear infections most of the time heal on their own without medication. So, to think that these can get serious or become an emergency situation is very rare.  If you are in eating right, breathing properly, and staying hydrated the n there is no way that you need to rush to the doctor as soon as you feel something in the ear. At least wait for a day if the symptoms are not showing, it might go away on its own. 

The pain if is too much can be dealt with at home by taking medicines like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. The pain is usually felt more at night time by people. 

Myth 2: Water and Ear Wax cause ear infections

If you are healthy and water enters your ear, let me tell you that this water doesn’t go past the eardrums and doesn’t cause infection. If water causes infection it is because of an external ear infection that also has the same symptoms like foul smell and discharge. This is also called a swimmer’s ear. And in this case, the ear canal gets infected from the water from usually a pool or lake. 

Ear wax on the other hand is very normal and necessary for the ears. It protects the ear canals very well. It must also be noted that the water that goes in the ears gets mixed with the wax and makes it softer. So, this myth that ear wax and water can be a cause of ear infections is completely wrong. 

Myth 3: All ear pains indicate ear infections

Ear pain can be caused due to a number of reasons and factors. In children, it is usually observed that they damage their ears while playing with them. And a lot of times when they dont sleep or get cranky, parents think that they have an ear infection. 

This is why it is not suggested to give antin=iotics as soon as you think that there is something wrong with your kid or yourself. Every time you start taking antibiotics every little thing is a sign and a risk for allergy or side effects. The unnecessary use of antibiotics is never a good idea. So, this myth is also busted here that all pains indicate ear infections.    

Myth 4:  Going out in the wind or underwater can cause ear infections

The location where ear infection occurs is behind the ar drum back in the inner ear. So external exposure like water or wind does not have to do anything with ear infections as these cannot pass through the ear canal. 

Just cover your ears in the wind or stay covered under the water in order to keep the ears protected. Otherwise, there is no way wind or water could affect your ears.   

Myth 5: Amoxicillin is not great for ear infections 

A number of studies have shown that amoxicillin is one of the most preferred antibiotics for the treatment of infections. And there is no doubt that Amoxicillin is one of the best medicines for ear infections. 

These are also broad spectrum and can prevent other infections and not only ear infections. Amoxicillin is cheap and can be tolerated well if used in children. It is one of the safest drugs when it comes to antibiotics. So, to think that it is not good for ear infections is so not true. 


Ear infections can be irritating and painful at the same time. But not every pain is an infection and not everything that you hear from people around you is true. So, do not believe in the myths spread the sound and try to do your own research if you want to get aware of ear infections. In case of severe or bad pain, make sure to give your doctor a visit. 

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