February 27, 2024

When we buy jewelry, we often do it with the intention of wearing it to an amazing event and looking lovely while doing so. However, most of the time, we wind up wearing these breathtaking pieces of jewelry just a handful of times. If you want to get the most use out of your stunning jewels, you can give your old jewelry a contemporary twist by re-styling it in ways that are original and fresh.

Explore Your Creative Styling Ideas

The thing with style is that it is absolutely specific to your tastes. Experiment with rings, necklaces, and even pull out your old gold earrings and mix them up. Experiment with different techniques, such as layering, and see how they appear on different clothing and let your creativity run wild. Another way to get the most out of your old gold jewelry pieces is to make certain pieces staple. Wearing a statement ring or a set of stunning solitaires on a regular basis radiates flair and timeless appeal. Using basic pieces of jewelry highlights it even more, and people will remember you for it!

Less Is In Fact More

When it comes to accessorizing, stylists from all around the world believe that “less is more”. While it may be a lot of fun to create a statement by wearing a lot of rings and necklaces, sometimes leaving just one or two pieces can completely change the way your look turns out. For example, pair chunky gold hoops with some dainty rings and you won’t really need a necklace to tie the look together. Going overboard with accessories is a major fashion faux pas. Check out some plain gold bangles in melorra for everyday use. 

Mismatch Your Jewelry Pieces

If you want to make a statement without spending a lot of money, this one’s for you. When done right, mismatched jewelry looks really cool. Find two pairs of earrings that look similar and wear one in each ear. Not only will people look at you, but you can also wear jewelry that you haven’t worn in a while. Keep it simple, though, because quirky can quickly turn into kooky.

Be Bold

When you want to make a statement, going over the top is sometimes okay, especially when going bald.  Bringing attention to yourself in the right way may be as simple as accessorizing with the right kind of jewelry. Analyze your physical features and emphasize your best features to make even the most understated jewelry items appear amazing. For instance, if you have collar bones that stick out, necklaces are your best bet for making them look even better and prominent. Even if all you do is drape a thin gold chain around your collar bones, you will instantly seem more put together.

Keep An Eye On Trends, But Don’t Follow Them Blindly

Yes, we understand that trends are important and can sometimes even help you understand what you like and don’t but following every trend blindly is just a terrible idea. When it comes to jewelry, because it is more of an investment than clothes, investing in and purchasing some classic pieces goes a long way rather than buying what’s trending. Trends come and go very quickly so make your choices according to what you like.

Using your jewelry in new and creative ways with modern clothing will make you look stunning while also making sure your jewelry pieces don’t remain in the box collecting dust. 

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