April 13, 2024

So, you own a Netgear Orbi home WiFi system. Well, investing in a Netgear Orbi to get blazing-fast internet throughout the home is the best choice. So is getting acquainted with its Orbi color codes indicated by its lights. You can know more about the Orbi system by learning about the behavior of its lights. Are you ready for this? Let’s get started then.

Different Lights on Netgear Orbi

The lights that you will find on the Netgear Orbi are mentioned below:

  1. Orbi router power LED
  2. Satellite power LED
  3. Orbi router ring LED
  4. Satellite ring LED

What Do Different Orbi Lights Mean?

It is now time to know what each color of different LEDs on both the Orbi router and satellite means.

1.    Orbi Router & Satellite Power LEDs

We shall first discuss the Orbi router and satellite power LEDs. These LEDs are usually solid green, solid amber, blinking amber, or blinking red. Let us tell you what each color indicates:

Solid Green Power LED- Orbi router or satellite solid green power LEDmeans the devices are powered on.

Solid Amber Power LED- If you see a solid amber power LED on the Orbi router or the satellite, then this implies the devices are rebooting.

Blinking Amber- A blinking amber LED indicates that the Orbi router and satellite need to be reset to the factory settings.

Blinking Red- Red is a color that implies danger. So is the case with the Orbi router or satellite. If the power LED is blinking red, know that your device needssome troubleshooting.

  • Orbi Router Ring LEDs

The next LED that we are going to discuss is the Orbi router ring LED. Here is what different statuses on the Orbi router ring LED imply:

Solid White- A solid white Orbi router ring LED shows that the router is powering up.

Blinking White– If the Orbi router is in default factory mode, then the ring LED will blink white.

Blinking Magenta- If the Orbi router ring LED is blinking in magenta color, then there are three possibilities:

  • The router can’t get an IP address from the ISP or modem.
  • The WAN port link is down.
  • Orbi router is unable to access the internet.

Blinking Blue and Magenta- This means the internet connection is blocked. The traffic meter is configured in such a way that when the internet traffic goes beyond the configured limit, the traffic meter blocks the internet connection. This is indicated by a blinking blue and magenta ring light.

3. Orbi Satellite Ring LEDs

Orbi satellite ring may be solid white, blue or magenta, or may blink in the same colors. Let us now see what Orbi blue light and other colors on the Orbi satellite ring mean.

Solid White- This means the Orbi satellite is powering up.

Solid Magenta-
When the Orbi satellite is unable to receive an IP address from the router or is unable to connect to the router, it is indicated by a solid magenta ring on the Orbi satellite.

Blinking Magenta- When the Orbi satellite is trying to access the Orbi router for the first time, its ring blinks in magenta color. But if the ring LED continues to blink magenta further, then either the satellite has lost the connection to the router or is unable to obtain an IP address from the router.

Solid Blue- A good connection to the Orbi router and satellite is shown by a solid blue ring LED.

Solid Amber- An Orbi satellite with a ring color solid amber means the connection between the router and satellite is fair.

Wrap Up

This is all about Orbi LEDs. We hope that now you know what each LED means and when you need to troubleshoot your Orbi. We would like to mention here that to always have your Orbi giving out its best and avoid any issues with it; you need to keep its firmware updated to the latest version. For this, you need to access the orbilogin page and install the latest firmware on it.

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