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Most boys, when choosing a handbag, don’t pay special attention to the style of the bag, but the quality of the handbag. you should choose a smaller handbag ASOS Discount Code NHS.

Leather Material

Handbags made of this material are the choice of most men, especially some business elites, who usually carry leather bags when they go out. When choosing a leather bag, it is best to choose a cowhide leather bag, which is durable and beautiful.

Canvas Material

A long time ago, most people thought that canvas was synonymous with old-fashioned. In fact, canvas bags have already washed away this name, and canvas bags are very durable. If you need to travel frequently, you can choose canvas bags.

Nylon Material

Nylon bags are of very good quality, very durable, and have certain waterproof and moisture-proof capabilities. If you often need to go outdoors, you can choose nylon handbags when choosing a handbag.

Girls Choose Handbags

Choose According to the Occasion

Most girls choose handbags mainly based on style, and the most important point is to choose handbags according to the occasion. When you usually go out to play, you can choose a good-looking handbag, but when you are partying, you should choose good quality. Handbag.

Choose According to Height and Body

The handbag is different from other bags because we need to carry the bag by hand. If you are taller, you can choose a larger one when choosing a mobile phone bag. But if the height is relatively short, then when choosing a handbag.

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How to Draw a Handbag

Teach everyone how to draw a handbag today

Marker Pen

  • Draw the outline of a handbag.
  • Draw the switch for the handbag.
  • Draw the lid part of the bag.
  • Draw the handle part of the handbag.
  • Color the switch of the handbag.
  • Color the lid of the tote bag.
  • Paint the tote a nice color.
  • Finally, paint the remaining parts with a nice color.

Simple Strokes – How to Draw a Handbag


  • sheet of paper
  • a pen


  1. First, we outline the shape of the handbag.
  2. Then, we draw the handle part of the handbag.
  3. Then, draw the two straps on the handbag
  4. Draw the dividing line for the handbag.
  5. Let’s draw the button of the handbag
  6. Finally, we draw the textured trim for the handbag.


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How to choose a handbag? What brand of handbag is good?

A beautiful bag is like Cinderella’s glass slipper. With it, you become the prince’s sweetheart. Since it is destined that women and bags are inseparable, before you greedily search for the next bag for yourself, it is better to study some tips on how to choose handbags!

Handbag And Height

Wide and large handbags are popular, but how to choose should also be based on height so as not to look cumbersome.

If the height is above 165 cm, you should try to choose a handbag with a total length of about 60 cm, which can be loaded vertically into a magazine.

If the height is below 158 cm, you should choose a handbag with a total length of about 50 cm, which can be loaded horizontally into a magazine Handbag, with elongated body proportions

Handbags and Manners

When using a small shoulder strap bag, you can use the armpit to fix the handbag slightly to avoid the bag from swinging back and forth; Hold it on your chest, or place it naturally along the length of your arm close to your thigh. Sisters, don’t put the strapless handbag under your armpit!

Bags and Colors

In the collocation of handbags, accessories, and clothing, color plays a pivotal role. The overall matching of the same color but with clear layers can create a generous and elegant shape.

There is a strong contrast between the handbag and the wearing color, such as a black dress with a bright red bag and shoes.

Which is an eye-catching personality match; the handbag can also be any color you choose from the pattern of the floral skirt or printed top, The overall feeling is lively yet elegant 90s hairstyles for black women.

Handbags and Leather

Common natural leather will have fine lines under the pressure of the thumb. The better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather.

The common goatskin pattern is arranged in a wavy pattern, thick and fine; the yellow cowhide has a dense texture, and the pores are arranged in irregular dots; the surface of pigskin is rough, and the pattern is usually distributed in groups of three pores, which can be hard or soft.

Handbags and Handicrafts

No matter how much time you spend shopping for a handbag, you want to buy one that is exquisitely crafted.

After selecting a style, be sure to carefully check whether the surface and interlayer of the handbag are not stitched and whether the connection of the strap is strong.

If there are metal accessories, be sure to know whether the material is easy to fade and whether the zipper and buttons are fastened. Whether the function is perfect or not is a step that cannot be ignored. Boohoo Discount Code NHS.

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Which is the best handbag for women How to choose a handbag for women

How to choose women’s handbags? It can be said that many ladies who love handbags very much, do not know how to choose a good quality handbag.

You must know that the quality of handbags needs to be selected in addition to the style that suits your heart. How to choose Come to buy a good quality ladies’ handbag.

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