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How to Teach Essay Writing in a Fun Way? Learn Now!

essay writing

essay writing

Essay writing is a compulsory aspect of school and college life. The teachers ask students to write essays on different topics and then evaluate their skills based on their writing. However, before assigning the essay writing tasks, the teachers teach students how to write an essay. Sometimes, the students pick the concept readily, and sometimes; they do not. If you are a teacher who is facing the second situation, i.e., students are not learning quickly, then you should know some fun ways to teach students.

As you are here, it means you do not know about the fun ways that can help you teach writing a perfect essay to your students. Well, there is no need to worry. You have just hit the right place. In today’s article, which is specifically for teachers, we are going to discuss how they can teach essay writing to their students. So, let’s get started with the topic.

Top fun ways to teach writing an essay

Writing an essay cannot be considered fun at all. However, learning about writing a perfect essay in a funny way is something very beneficial. Teachers can use many fun ways to teach their students about writing an essay. Do you know what those fun ways are? No! Hence, a brief description of all the fun ways that can help you teach your students is as follows:

Assign students their preferred topics

The first fun way to teach essay writing to your students is to assign your students their preferred topics. Discuss with students that on what topics they want to work on. Pay attention to the choice of each student and learn what they find interesting. Such activity will give students a boost in their confidence because you are not suffocating them. Also, you are allowing them to be freer in their choice.

Use pictures in class

The second fun way to teach writing an essay to students is to use pictures in the classroom. One picture is worth more than a thousand words. So, you should use different pictures on the multimedia that makes the learning process essay. For example, if you are teaching your students how to write an argumentative essay, find a funny picture on this essay writing type. Play that picture on the multimedia, and you will see how quickly the students will learn.

Play with grammar

Playing with grammar is another fun way to teach students effective essay writing. What does it mean to play with grammar? It means that you should ask students to write sentences of the essays using different grammatical structures. For example, you can ask the students to write the whole essay using only one kind of tense. This will surely boost the essay writing skills of the students. However, if your students are facing difficulties in crafting essays using only one tense, get some samples from cheap essay writing services and ask them to go through them.

Assign essays with different endings

The next fun way to teach essay writing to your students is to assign essays with different endings. Read a random story in front of your students and ask them to conclude the story in their own wording. Each student will end the story in a different way, and this activity will help them a lot in learning essay writing. This activity will also help you understand who is the most creative among your students.

Ask students’ personal opinions

If you want to teach students to write a perfect essay, ask them to share their opinions about essay writing. Allow students to share what is an ideal essay as per their thoughts. For the best results and to have a sound idea of students’ thinking, announce that it is an anonymous task and no one will know their identity. This way, the students will feel that they are contributing to their curriculum. In fact, it is you who is going to know how to teach students to write an essay based on their opinions.

Ask students to exchange papers

Lastly, as the teacher, you should ask students to exchange papers. It means asking them to swap their essay papers. This is a great activity that helps students in learning essay writing a lot. When a student reads an essay written by another student, he gets to know about the mistakes that he has made in his essay. Also, let students share their opinion about other students’ essays. This way, they are going to critique the essays and learn at the same time.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, teaching students how to write an essay is really a challenging task. However, it can be made easy by using different fun ways. The top 6 fun ways to do this are discussed above. Hence, pay attention to all the ways discussed above and teach essay writing to students.

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