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How To Choose Guitar Strings?

In the process of playing the guitar, from time to time there is a situation when you need to change the strings. How to choose which strings are best? The service specialists will tell you about it. The type of strings you should choose depends on your instrument. Classical guitars use nylon strings, which are softer and can be played without a pick. Since they are more comfortable and can be adjusted, they are also suitable for beginners. Acoustic guitars have sharper metal strings. It is more difficult to play them with your fingers. Therefore, it is important to buy a mediator that will make the whole process of playing more comfortable. It is useful for beginners to know that you cannot put metal strings on a classical guitar.

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If you do this, the guitar may bend or the neck may break altogether. And if you used nylon strings on an acoustic guitar, the instrument simply wouldn’t sound the way it should.

The most important parameter when choosing guitar strings is their stiffness. Both metal and nylon strings have several categories in which they are classified. Nylon is divided into two groups: soft and hard. The first option is specially designed for beginner guitarists. These strings are easy to work with and don’t rub your fingertips as much. Rigid ones are more suitable for people with experience and practice.

The categories of metal guitar strings are numbered from 9 to 13. Category 9-10 is suitable for playing without a pick and for acoustic guitars. Electric guitar fans use Grade 9-10 metal strings for pop or soul music. They are definitely not for rock or heavy metal, as they are too flexible and can stretch if you press hard on them. Category 10 is the sweet spot, they are suitable for all genres except rock or heavy metal.

Category 11 is a compromise between hard and soft strings. These strings do not detune even under high pressure and can withstand more rough handling.

Category 12-13 is for fans of heavier music such as rock or heavy metal. The mediator is mandatory when using them. The advantage of stiff strings is that they rarely break. But they can annoy beginners because they put a lot of strain on the hands.

For beginners, it is usually enough to know the division of strings by material, into nylon and metal. However, advanced players will need a more detailed division. Metal strings are divided into three main types. Steel – they are characterized by a metallic and high-pitched sound. They are durable and can withstand even rough handling. Nickels produce a slightly warmer and rounder tone. Nickel-plated steel is the perfect combination of both materials. The strings are a kind of golden mean. Bronze is the most common material. This combination of copper and zinc produces a very beautiful sound. A slight downside to these strings is that they can corrode quickly.

Experienced musicians always have several sets of strings in their collection in order to be able to change any of the strings at any time. On you won’t be advised to skimp on strings. The sound that you extract from the instrument depends on their quality. Cheap guitar strings will have to be changed over and over again because they break or otherwise get damaged. High-quality strings have a special coating that protects against damage and gusts.

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