March 4, 2024
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You might be searching for a car tool for many days but can’t manage to find it in your garage. Then it’s time that you start cleaning and tidying up the garage room. Many homeowners confess that their garage is the most disorganized room in the home. 

Even if you have enough space to store things besides your car, there are ways you can organize and store them better. 

Here are some tips to help you organize your space like a pro. 

Empty the Garage 

When you start to arrange the garage, you need to empty out the space entirely first. It is the best way to access what you have and how much you wish to keep in the garage.

Start with emptying the boxes, cabinets, and shelves and pile them on the floor. When you have everything in view, you can have a better idea of what you should like to keep and throw away. You also need to change the tilt doors of your garage if it is broken to tighten security. 

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Remove Harmful Items 

The garage may feel like that one room that fits everything but there are some things that should not be kept in there. 

Below is a list of items that might be harmful if you store them long-term in the garage so consider moving them immediately. 

  • Paint: Temperature changes can change the quality of the paint.
  • Pet food: If you keep pet food in the garage for the long term, it can attract ants and other potential scavengers. 
  • Propane: With propane in the garage, one small spark can start a huge fire. 
  • Refrigerator: Garage-bound refrigerators are huge electricity suckers. 

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Install Shelves 

Instead of tossing things in the garage, install vertical storage shelves. They are both functional and neat. There are endless options for garage shelving like wire baskets, plastic stack bins, and wooden storage cabinets. 

Make the best use of your storage to stay organized and maximize the garage space. 

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Add Industrial Floor Mats 

There could be fluid leaks from your car that could easily stain the garage floor. To solve this issue, place industrial or garage floor mats. These mats soak up spills effectively and protect the floor from daily wear and tear.

They also tend to enhance the appearance of your garage and make it practical and durable at the same time. 

Use Clear Plastic Boxes for Storage 

After you have done sorting out the things in your garage, you could also place them in clear plastic boxes. Categorize your things and label each box. This way, you can tell from the outside what is inside the box without opening each of them. 

Maximize Overhead Storage Space 

If you wish to avoid bumping or tripping over bulky items then store the items safely above by creating overhead storage space. Construct a simple rack on the wall to support heavy loads easily. 

To store your bikes without overcrowding the floor space, you can nail a bike rack to the garage wall.

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