March 4, 2024

A successful YouTube business can make you a millionaire in no time. Although this particular question, ‘How to gain success on YouTube,’ has been answered thousands of times, we will still address this ever-evolving problem. 

The lack of success on YouTube raises numerous questions. The primary concerns of most YouTubers are the watch time, subscribers, and the number of views on their videos. Please keep reading to learn more about multiple solutions to address this issue. 

Importance of Views, Subscribers, and Watch Time

The three most important factors of YouTube success are Views, Subscribers, and Watch Time. You need them to achieve your milestone to get into the YouTube partner program (YPP) and start earning. 

Furthermore, they are like blood, water, and air for the YouTubers so that you can comprehend their importance.

Do you wish even more? Hundreds of thousands of YouTubers with millions of subscribers, but only a select few have achieved mainstream success. These superstars have amassed their large subscriber bases through consistent video production and promotion. It’s not enough to post a video once in a while; you have to produce high-quality content consistently and distribute it as efficiently as possible to maximize your chances of being discovered.

How to get the required Watch Time with Ease

The most obvious solution to this complex problem is to buy them. Now, please wait for a second, don’t go away; let me explain this.

Answer me this, how long have you been trying to gain your required watch time for your channel?

I am sure your content is excellent, and you might achieve your goal within a few months or so. But get this, the amount of time you spend to get 4000 hours is worth thousands of dollars if you put that somewhere else. So, why not save thousands of bucks and spend a few on buying the watch time. Even Pros do it; why shouldn’t you?

After you achieve your monetization goal, you can start investing your precious time in making excellent content, and guess what? You will be paid for it.

Go to some trustworthy YouTube marketing website such as LenosTube, play around, and see which package suits you. I love these guys because they have never disappointed me. 

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How to buy Views and Subscribers

Like watch time, getting views and subscribers has become immensely difficult for struggling YouTubers like you. So, why not take a shortcut to monetization and avoid all the hectic paths where you have to spend thousands of hours editing and making stuff up.

Finally, when you buy views and subscribers and achieve your monetization, you can put effort and hours into making excellent content and get paid for it. 

As per watch time or any other YouTube growth service, just make sure you are using services which also help your channel’s ranking and growth, and that do not harm your growth just in the spite of temporary increase in views.

A reliable service means buying by a trustworthy company with years of experience, getting real traffic, targeted promotion based on your videos’ language and niche and, most importantly, NOT fake traffic.

The website on the screenshot below – which I mentioned before too – is my current favorite, but feel free to browse around the web to find the most appropriate for your needs and budget.

Things to beware of

It would be best if you stayed calm and took your time before spending your money on buying YouTube marketing services.

Secondly, don’t forget to check the validity of the people you wish to buy services from. How can you do that? You can start by checking their presence on the web using a search engine such as Google. Similarly, it would be best if you tried to read their reviews from various users who have used their services. It is also worth remembering that you need to check their reviews on multiple websites and not only on the official website.

Finally, customer service is the backbone of any online business, so try to ask them a few of your concerns and see how they respond to your queries. 

Why are Pros Successful?

Pros are successful because they take things very professionally, in a short sentence. Furthermore, when they started their channels, they planned ahead of time. 

The first step in YouTube marketing is to plan your marketing campaign and content schedule. Whether it is a channel about promotional videos, webinars, live videos, or how-to videos, this step is necessary before beginning the YouTube success journey. Once your plan is set, and you did your keyword/niche research, it is time to register an account with YouTube, and start uploading great videos.

Also, they were not born pros; instead, they were given the titles of ‘pros’ when they started earning vast sums of money from YouTube.

Furthermore, they are primarily concerned with their self-worth and the approval of their audience. YouTube is more of a hobby than a business for them. In their view, they are not trying to earn a living from their videos at all. They just do it because they love to and they want to be the best channel in their niche.

When you love to do something, you do it right, and of course, you earn from it. It is that simple!


The above-discussed straightforward ways of YouTube success are not the ones you read often. However, they are adopted by many successful and high-earning YouTubers. 

Furthermore, there was a time when you were not faced with much competition, and your channel would gain success in very little time and with minor effort. 

Today things have changed, and you need to put in a considerable number of hours, hard work, and effort to gain a minor success on YouTube. 

Finally, spending a few bucks is an intelligent investment towards a more extensive and better business which is YouTube. Good Luck!

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