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Masako Katsura was born on March 7, 1913 in Tokyo, Japan. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. She is known as “The First Lady of Pool” as she is a famous pool player. Became the first woman to win the World Billiards Championship in 1952.

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He was born in Tokyo, Japan. According to Masako Katsura’s biography, she lived with her father until his sudden death at the age of 12. He has three sisters and one brother. That’s when he started living well with his older sister. At the age of 37, she married Vernon Greenleaf, an American sergeant, and moved to the United States. They have no children together.

Professional Billiards Career:

Masako Katsura learned to play pool from Tomio Kobashi, the owner of a pool club. She is her husband’s mother-in-law. He started working there in his senior year of high school and finished his major. Began his career as a pool player at the age of fifteen, winning mixed tournaments in Japan and China. Three-time Japanese billiards champion and American general champion Kenny Matsuyama studied in 1937.

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Immigrate to the United States:

Greenleaf was transferred from Haneda Air Force Base in Tokyo to the American outpost in 1951. He and Katsura, speaking little English, boarded the USS Breckenridge and arrived in San Francisco in late December 1951, just months before the World Championships began. Triple. . The 1952 Cushion Billiards Championship was scheduled to begin on March 6. After hearing about Katsura’s good looks from Matsuyama, Cochran, who supported the competition with his pool, offered him a limited invitation to play in the Grand Show. Cochran was an eight-time world champion, winning three pool titles in 1933, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1944 and 1945, as well as 18.2 cal in 1927 and 1934. Cochrane’s son V.R. A Japanese officer investigates back and gleefully (perhaps to harass Cochrane) “That young lady is better than you!” The American Billiards Congress eventually voted in favor of the contest, allowing Cochran to face it.


Katsura appeared in a Google Doodle on March 7, 2021, in honor of International Women’s Day.

Catsy is her nickname.

She is often considered the greatest female athlete.

Who is Masako Katsura?

Masako Katsura is a legend. A world-class billiards player, she excelled in a game played by men. That is why she worked so hard to make other women not only play sports but also make serious contributions.

Masako “Katsui” Katsura is the first woman in international billiards history. In a traditionally male-dominated sport, she was a fierce competitor who soon rose to fame in Japan. From there, she began conquering the world as the “First Lady of Billiards,” winning international tournaments regardless of her opponent.

First days in Tokyo

Killing Katsuru

Photo: @theenlightenedcreative on Instagram

At the age of 14, Masako saw Katsura play pool. Born in Tokyo in 1913, he grew up in a strict family. After his father died, his mother paid more attention to him and encouraged him to play pool.

Masako has had health problems since childhood. He has very little energy and is always tired. Therefore, his mother wanted him to play pool to become mentally and physically fit.

The 1920s were the best time for Tokyo billiards. Masako’s uncle, Katsura, owned a pool hall, which played an important role in discovering her natural talent. Naturally, he gets a job at a pool hall and starts practicing his craft every day.

He won his first tournament at the age of 15. 

Because of this, he caught the attention of the Japanese champion at the time, Kenri Matsuyama. Matsuyama, also known as Willy Hobi in Japan, began training the young Katsura. He was also responsible for introducing her to three cushion billiards.

With his trick shooting ability and newfound accuracy with triple pool, Katsura brought joy to the sport, paving the way beyond his wildest dreams.

Take his game to America

Killing Katsuru

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World War II had a devastating effect on Katsura’s rising star. He advanced his career as much as possible, first performing solo shows for Japanese soldiers. After the war he

Ready to play tricks on the American army

Thus was born his international career. 

His skills and abilities spread rapidly. And a hero named Wilker. Cochran invited him to come to America.

In 1951, Katsura moved to California. She was surprised to see how few women were on stage at the time. In Japan, women worked and played in pool halls everywhere. Not so in the United States. American billiards is called a class for men and a men’s domain for men.

The first women’s billiards

Masako Katsura

Photo: “True story on Instagram

Katsura hired Welker Cochran as manager. He defended himself in the press;

“This sport requires good players to compete with older men. Now I believe I have finally succeeded. “

However, the press cares more about sex than it can handle. One newspaper called this iconic hero “a true Japanese T-shirt”.

Fortunately, the other pool players gave Katsura the respect he deserved


 I stand in line as the other heroes enter the arena. The way he did, the media and the opposition were shocked.She has become the face of billiards around the world. The sport was pioneered by women and won first place in all international competitions in the 1950s. A win regardless of gender. He retired in 1961 after losing to world champion Harold Wurst.

She was the first woman to compete in an international pool competition, making her the “First Lady of Pool” and an important part of pool history.

Masako Katsura’s remaining legacy

Masako Katsura

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Masako Katsura has led a new space for women. It captures male power and makes sports attractive to women.

Katsura was last seen in a San Francisco pool hall in 1976, scored a 100-point score and then disappeared. In 1970, a group of women players formed and incorporated the Women’s Professional Billiards Association. Katsura has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. .

Masako Katsura

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Masako Katsura died on his return to Japan in 1995. His influence on the game and billiards culture in general is remarkable. So much so that he is now featured in pop art. Stories about influential women or even her own Google Doodle animation! You can even buy a book about it here!

Masako Katsura

Image: Google Doodle

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In the 1950s, Masako Katsura, a Japanese woman, ruled the world of billiards and became famous for its male dominance.

Masako Katsura


Masako Katsura was the first woman to compete in an international billiards tournament. Make him a legend

In 1952, Willie Hobby, the undisputed king of billiards.

 Facing an unprecedented opponent, that is, female player Masako Katsura. The craze wasn’t even born when he won his first World Cup at age 51, but he quickly rose to fame in Japan.

Katsura eventually became famous all over the world. Brings its decades of experience to the world stage in Tokyo’s pool hall. She has become the first woman to compete at the international level

For American pool players, Katsura seems to have come from nowhere.

 While Katsura’s players were amazed by the costumes and innovation of the press. The player was amazed at his skill.

This is the story of Masako Katsura, who is considered the first woman in billiards to break the gender barrier in the popular game of the 1950s.

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Who is Masako Katsura?

Masako Katsura was 14 years old when she started playing pool. Born in Tokyo on March 7, 1913, Katsura was raised particularly well by her mother after her father’s death. Katsura’s mother asks him to buy billiards.

“I was always weak and lethargic, so my mom wanted me to play pool for exercise and strength,” Katsura said.

It became popular in Tokyo pool rooms in the 1920s, also Katsura’s brother-in-law. He discovered his athletic talent when Katsura caught himself. Soon after, Katsura began exercising in the pool and exercising daily.

Katsura has an illusion from birth.

At age 15, Katsura won the women’s track and field title. The young talent caught the attention of Japanese champion Kenri Matsuyama and Matsuyama became Katsura.

The instructor introduced him to a game of three-cushion pool.

Gallery of Masako Katsura

Long Beach Press Telegram

1953 Advertisement for Masako Katsura’s exhibition.

Power plays need to be fair. Players had to touch the cue ball three times with the cue ball, then hit two balls at a time. Experienced players can get two pieces in a turn. World champion Hop scored the most points with 25 points.

The game was known for its intensity. Hit the guys with the sticks for more points. But Katsura brings technique to the sport.

Masako Katsura moved to the United States

World War II ended Katsura’s pool career. During the war she created a one-woman show for the Japanese military. After the war, he changed his mind and performed billiard tricks for the American forces.

These performances helped launch Katsura’s international career. An American J.S. He wrote about his father, pool champion Wilker Cochran, about Masako Katsura. He said, this girl is better than you. Cochran comes and encourages Katsura to visit America.

First, Katsura won the Women’s National Billiards Championship, then began competing in the Men’s National Billiards Championship.

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