December 4, 2023

Man Holding Vape And Tobacco Cigarette Over Desk

If you want to quit smoking, vaping can help you break the habit of regularly smoking cigarettes. People wish to stop smoking cigarettes despite doing so. Some could find it simple, but most smokers might find it challenging. Therefore, vaping or electronic cigarettes are the ideal alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Similar to electronic cigarettes, vaping equipment is not detrimental to human health. You will be able to regulate the nicotine content, and it’s a plus that nicotine-free vaping is an option. This blog discusses nicotine by concentrating on the recommended dosage for vaping equipment. Continue reading to learn more and determine the proper nicotine dosage.


Consider how the quantity or dosage of nicotine in your vaping device can help you stop smoking:


It’s essential to be aware of the nicotine dosage in your vaping equipment. Typically, the dose is determined by the user’s level of dependence. Examining the typical cigarettes, you smoke daily will allow you to calculate your daily nicotine intake quickly. You may easily measure using this method if you smoke fewer or more cigarettes than ten or twenty.

Keep in mind that you have more control over your nicotine intake with a vaping device than you would with traditional cigarettes. You can get nicotine-containing liquids from 3% to 18%. If you want to stop smoking, you can start vaping with a lot of nicotine and reduce the amount until it’s 0%. You can also get liquids without nicotine if you don’t want nicotine.


  • POD: Using a POD vaping device will help you stop smoking. You must first add 20 mg of nicotine salts. Despite the high nicotine dosage, PODs typically have very few puffs. However, you can still enjoy the taste of regular cigarettes because PODs deliver a comparable high with few puffs. PODs are becoming highly prevalent in Dubai. Each puff will give you a delightful punch, making it simple to stop smoking traditional tobacco.
  • STARTER KITS: Popular vaping tools are starter kits, which give consumers the freedom to choose flavored liquids. To use this device, there is a vast selection of flavored liquids on the market, both with and without nicotine. Starter kits for vaping are an excellent choice for individuals who want to start. If you choose a starting kit, your nicotine dosage will be affected by your device because the air intake has a significant impact. 


You can limit your nicotine intake by analyzing your body’s reaction. It implies that you must perceivably measure and track your progress using specified nicotine doses.

You can start with enough nicotine if you want to feel comfortable, which is only achievable with a high nicotine dose. Your body will alert you when the nicotine has saturated you so that you can cut back. You can purchase nicotine-containing liquids with lower concentrations if you only require a bit of the drug. As previously said, you can progressively cut back on your nicotine intake and choose nicotine-free drinks.


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