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How To Find The Perfect iPhone Game For You

iPhone users have access to some of the best mobile games like Alto’s Odyssey, Call of Duty, Angry Birds and Pokemon Go.

I love playing mobile games and often spend my free time playing Pokemon Go on my iPhone 13. It’s one of those afk tier gaming where once you start playing you can’t stop. But Pokemon Go is not the only addictive game for the iPhone. There are several other games that you can spend hours playing without feeling the clock ticking.

If you are an iPhone user and want to know the most addictive iPhone games then you have come to the right place. I have compiled a list of the best premium and free iPhone games for you to choose from. So read this till the end to find out.

Free games

For those who don’t have the luxury of paying for premium iOS games, there are a ton of free games you can try. They have ads, but you can live with them since the games are just as interesting.

Genshin Impact

When it comes to iPhone games, there are a few that rise to the top in terms of addiction. Genshin Impact is one of those addictive games. It is a side-scrolling action-platformer set in a world inspired by feudal Japan. Features that make Genshin Impact so addictive include its beautiful graphics, challenging and fun gameplay, and immersive atmosphere.

Genshin Impact is a challenging game that will leave you wanting more. Its levels are well designed and its boss battles are particularly epic. The controls are also very responsive, which makes the game feel smooth and perfect. Moreover, the atmosphere of the game is immersive and atmospheric.

This combination of factors makes Genshin Impact one of the most engrossing iPhone games out there. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours, check out Genshin Impact.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been one of the most popular iPhone games for years. This is a simple game, but can sometimes be very difficult. The object of the game is to use a slingshot to launch birds at a series of green piggies hiding in various structures. If you touch a pig, it will explode and you will earn points. If you run out of birds or hit the structure instead of the pig, you lose the game.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a puzzle game about swapping pieces of candy until you make a match of three or more. The object of Candy Crush Friends Saga is to clear all the candies from the board. You must achieve this in a set number of moves. If you run out of moves, you lose the game.

The game features colorful graphics and cute characters. It is also easy to pick up and play. However, the game can be quite challenging at times, and that’s what makes it so addicting.

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