September 27, 2023
Theatre Look

Movie theatres are becoming popular as more homeowners look to make their homes customized and entertaining. They are the best place to watch your favorite blockbuster, live stream a game, or keep up with your favorite tv show. Since it is an entertainment room, you should focus on the best strategies to make them unique.

Movie theatres are not all about big screens, projectors, and nifty seats; there are more personal touches you can add to the room. You should focus on making movie theatres more appealing than commercial ones. Here are some ideas to consider to make your home theatre cool. 

Hide the wires and cables

Cables and wires can contribute to a lot of clutter in the room, making the theatre look overcrowded. The wires can also tangle easily, leading to unnecessary accidents when plugging in the systems. One way to ensure the wires are neat is to use an extension cord. The extension cord ensures you connect all the devices to the power sources without installing too many sockets in the room. 

You can use a 12-gauge extension cord to connect the dives to the power sources. You can also hide the wires for the surrounding speakers to avoid having too many cables on the wall. Additionally, you can run the cables behind the wallpaper to ensure everything is clean. 

Focus on the lighting

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Customized lighting is one of the most crucial elements in the movie theatre since it sets the mood in the room and attracts anyone into the room. Instead of ordinary lighting, you need modern techniques such as fiber strips on the clings. These strips light up like stars on the roof, making you feel like you are watching a movie surrounded by stars. You can also use automated lighting to detect when one gets to the room and turn on the lights. Moreover, you can also set the lights to go dimmer as you turn on the television or the projector.

Remember, keep the lighting low and dimmer to create a room romance and avoid bright lighting. You can also use remote-controlled lighting, making it easier to control the lighting while seated. The remote will enable you to control the lighting while people move in and out of the room to avoid accidental falls. 

Boost the surrounding sound and system

Nowadays, you can get quality and smaller speakers; hence you need to minimize the use of giant speakers that can appear conspicuous. When you mount the Tv on the wall, there is no need to have a stereo system below or set a cabinet for the speakers. 

The best process is to set up the speakers on the wall instead of on the ground. This makes the speakers aesthetically appealing and boosts the surrounding sound. The movie surround can boost one’s experience to create an emotional connection with the viewers. Instead of ordinary speakers, you can rely on the best surround system audio for a movie theatre. 

Hide your Tv

Modern living room with wood floor and home movie theater blurred background Modern living room with wood floor and home movie theater blurred background home movie theater stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The television is an essential element of the movie theatre; hence you need the best television you can get. You need a wide screen with high definition, quality surrounding sounds, and ensure you locate the television appropriately. Instead of buying a TV stand, you can install the television system and hide it on the wall. 

Set a good wall panel that appears appealing and attractive, then mount the television on the wall rather than appearing conspicuously on the wall. If that is not an ideal option for you, you can install a projector screen. Due to the thin size, the projector screen can appear more appealing than a television hanging on the wall or mounted on a television stand. 

Movie theatre and decor

Home Theater Movie on Flat Wide Screen Television A man watches a movie in his Home Theater on Flat Wide Screen Television.note: the image on the screen is one of my copyrighted images also. home movie theater stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Instead of making ordinary theatre, you can boost things by creating a theme for your theatre. Redesign the movie theatre according to your preference, taste, and personal touch. Ensure the theatre reflects your interest, and make it simple and appealing.

The décor should not be too bright to affect the quality of the lighting. There are different theme ideas you can get; hence you need to introduce specific new elements to your theatre. Consider incorporating some of your favorite movies, utilize various colors, and consider some famous designs in commercial movie theatres. 

Add some personal touch to your movie theatre and ensure you add the elements you need. You can install the best and the most comfortable furniture in the movie theatre. You can also use wallpapers and wall-to-wall soft rugs and remodel the ceiling to boost the room experience. Furthermore, you can blend the colors to ensure not everything blends perfectly in the room.

Additional elements for your theatre

You need to have additional elements to boost your theatre, like snack machines installed in the room so that people do not have to move in and out of the room. One can use modern machines that are appealing, less conspicuous, and old.

You can also install seats with cup holders to hold the coffee without spilling it, especially when you become dizzy. Buy electric cup holders to keep your coffee warm. Additionally, install USB ports on the chairs or beside the theatre seats to charge your phone.


Instead of going to the movie theatres, you can customize your home movie theatre to avoid spending much on buying tickets. Customize your theatre to make it a suitable place to chill with your friends. While customizing the theatres, ensure the lighting, audio, and surround systems are unique. Create a fantastic theme and design for your theatres.

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