February 27, 2024
Can you get pregnant from that? Answering your fertility FAQs

While some women try very hard to make a baby, others want to avoid it like the plague. Naturally, you don’t want to worry about pregnancy every time you have sex. 

And despite there being a wealth of information available, many women still have pressing, unanswered questions about how and if they can get pregnant in a certain way. 

Some might get more accurate answers from their gynecologist. However, many still rely on the misinformation that is rampant. The shady WhatsApp forwards and the mythical anecdotes cause much confusion in the minds of women. And often, they hesitate to ask others what the correct method is; well, it can be slightly awkward. 

So, to save you from the awkward conversations that you don’t want to have, but you should know nonetheless, we have rounded up common queries about getting pregnant. 

Fertility FAQs

Can you get pregnant from unprotected sex, always?

In short, no. But this should not dissuade you from being careful. Essentially, you can get pregnant if you have a viable egg available; so, sex around the time you are ovulating carries the most risk. Otherwise, no ovulation means no pregnancy. 

However, finding when you are ovulating is the tricky part. Some women have a regular cycle, and they can watch out for the symptoms of ovulation. But those with irregular cycle cannot predict when they are ovulating, making it difficult to do period-math.

Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

Most people think they cannot get pregnant from anal sex, but things are not black and white. Since the distance between vagina and anus isn’t very much, therefore, the semen can also make its way to the vagina as well. Therefore, it is not entirely a fool proof way of preventing pregnancy. 

Can you get pregnant from fingering?

Another common query is regarding fingering. Well, it is contingent on the context. If the finger contains traces of, or semen otherwise, then yes, there is a chance of fertilization. However, if there is no participation of said semen, then no, you’re not at risk of getting pregnant. 

Can you get pregnant from oral sex?

Oral sex does not involve the fusion of the fluids, more specifically, does not involve sperm getting into the vagina, therefore, it cannot get you pregnant. 

Some women misunderstand the ingestion of sperm leading to pregnancy, however, that is not how things work. However, oral sex does not protect you against all sexually transmitted infections, and hence, it is recommended that you exercise caution still. 

Can you get pregnant from precum?

The jury is still out on this question, but there is evidence to suggest that precum can contain sperm, and hence, can get women pregnant. On the other hand, some research suggests that precum is merely for lubricating purposes and does not pose the danger of pregnancy. 

However, since the matter is as serious as pregnancy, it is better to exercise caution rather than taking a risk. 

Can you get pregnant with standing-up sex?

Some people do think that if they have sex whilst standing up, they will not get pregnant. However, this is entirely untrue. Gravity is the force that attracts things to the Earth, it does not put-up barriers between penis and vagina. 

So, don’t be fooled into thinking that gravity will prevent pregnancy; semen still gets to make contact with the female nether regions. Hence, pregnancy is very much on the table. 

Can you get pregnant if you use two condoms instead of one?

In most facets, taking extra precautions is a good thing; it makes you more secure. But that’s not the case with condoms. Wearing two might not avert the risk of pregnancy, but on the other hand, the increased friction might cause the condom to break, and increase the risk. 

What you can do is supplement condoms with other forms of birth control, for which you can confer with Dr. Misbah Malik

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