December 5, 2023

Most vape firms now offer a pod vape, which has significantly increased their market share. Every successive model builds on the one before it by offering a distinctive set of characteristics. When looking to buy a Caliburn vape in Dubai, there are many variations to pick from, ranging from the original to the most recent model. As a result, it might be challenging to determine which is best for you.

The First Impression

The Caliburn has a fairly straightforward layout. The simplicity of the vape kit is unimpressive. But its most valuable features are also its simple design and operation. The battery part features a single button and a tiny LED to indicate the remaining life of the cells on its front:

Green: more than 60%

blue – 30-60%

Red: less than 30%

and when this multi-functional item is in use

The button also activates the cell’s auto-draw feature in addition to turning on the vape pod. Additionally, if the chip notices a fault with the auto-draw mechanism, new technology on the cell switches over to manual operation.

Battery Life & Battery Type

The Caliburn’s internal battery has a fairly long lifespan; it depends on usage, and a full charge can last up to one day. The gadget will last a lot longer if you use it as an MTL (mouth-to-lung) with shorter draws than if you use it as a DTL (direct-to-lung) with longer draws.

Due to its fast charging capabilities, the device can go from empty to full in around 45 minutes when using a USB Type-C connection to charge it.

Coils / Resistance

Both sub-ohm coils and higher resistance fit in the Caliburn vape pod. It makes it an extraordinarily adaptable vape pod that sets it apart from the competition by allowing you to switch between MTL and sub-ohm DTL vaping.

The coils offer an excellent flavor for a device of this size, and both are very effective with nic salts. For the vape dubai, you may select between a sub ohm 0.8 coil and a greater resistance 1.2 coils.

Pod Type and Capacity

Caliburn pods enable coil replacement, refilling, and storing 2 ml of e-juice. The IORE Lite, for example, requires you to replace the entire vape pod when the coil reaches the end of its useful life. It is not the case with many other vape pods.

  • Vaping and working with it
  • You don’t need to do anything to get the Caliburn vape dubai going.
  • The battery would need to be charged first. But even that uncomplicated task is not the simplest, which adds to the device’s simple usability. The vaporizer typically needs 45 minutes to charge completely. Filling the pods is a simple process once the battery has been charged.
  • The fill ports—did I mention there are three of them?—allow for a straightforward filling procedure, which is considerably simpler than with other pods, which have tiny (like the Edge) or specialized fill ports, which can result in spillage and a general mess.
  • Press the center firing button five times to turn on the batteries once you’ve filled and attached the cartridge. If the battery notices the auto-draw functionality has halted, it is said to transition to manual draw operation. It’s not apparent whether you may choose between automatic and manual operation. You can begin vaping as soon as the battery is turned on.

Does Caliburn use a DTL or MTL?

The Caliburn’s low output power and above-ohm coils were designed with MTL hitters. However, users of refillable pods can utilize e-liquids with high VG content to enjoy DTL vaping.

Depending on usage, the cartridges are simple to install and fill and have a wonderful life. They function well with all e-juice types and only marginally degrade performance as the battery weakens.

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