December 5, 2023

Maximilian Fuze is known as the son of a famous Hollywood actress and a Japanese musician. Maximilian has a charming personality. Apparently he got it from his mother. She is definitely a generous lady with an amazing personality.

However, you do not have enough information about Maximilian Fuze. No need to worry here. We will examine this personality in more detail later. So its details are given below.

Who is Maximilian Fuze?

Maximilian Fuze was a famous child. He is known as the son of famous American actress Olivia Hussey. Maximilian is also said to be the son of Akira Fuze. He was a very famous Japanese singer and actor. The 39-year-old star child has more Asian facial features than her father. His father, Akira Foz, is a Japanese musician Wikipedia. Unfortunately, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Maximilian Foz Early Life and Family

Maximilian Fuze is 39 years old, born in 1983. He has two brothers and he is the third. But his mother, Olivia Hussey, was an actress. His father, Akira Fuse, was a Japanese singer and musician. Maximilian obtains US citizenship. But he has a mixed ethnic background. For example, English, German, Spanish, etc. He did not reveal much about his background.

Alexander Martin was his brother. But India Eisley was his other sister. They all grew up together. Alex is the son of India’s first husband Dean Paul Martin. He died in a plane crash in India during his third marriage.

Despite his fame and fortune, Maximilian keeps a low profile on social media. But the profiles of his siblings can be accessed. Also, Fuse met with an accident at the age of two. He drowned in the pool at his parents’ home in Los Angeles, California. Fortunately, his father managed to pull him out of the pool, and he escaped death.

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Max miraculously survived childhood death.

He died at his parents’ home in Los Angeles, California. At the age of two. Both Akira and Olivia were there. When his father took him out of the pool, he turned blue.

Olivia performed breast compressions with the help of her husband. They panicked and called 911. Max started to cry. He was later taken to the hospital. He then went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Maximilian Fuze; Son of Olivia Hussey

Imagine the honor of honoring legendary Hollywood actress Olivia Hussey, best known for her roles in films such as Romeo and Juliet, IT and Jesus of Nazareth.

Maximilian was one of Hussey’s third children. He is actually the second son and middle child of Olivia, who she shares with her second husband, Korean-Japanese singer Akira Fuse.

Nicknamed Max, he grew up with two other siblings, including older brother Alexander Martin and younger sister India Eisley. Both Alex and India are following in their mother’s footsteps to become actors.

Alex Olivia’s first husband, Dean Paul Martin, died in a jet crash, and her sister was born to her mother’s third marriage to Indian musician David Glenn Easley. Max’s mother and stepfather have lived together since their marriage in 1991.

On the other hand, despite being a popular kid, Maximilian, unlike his siblings, keeps a very private profile on social media.

Was Maximilian married?

Unfortunately, since Maximilian is very private about his personal affairs, much of his love life is not in the public eye, but unlike his parents’ famous marriage and divorce, Olivia is known to many of her fans.

Married for nearly a decade before divorcing in 1989, Fuse’s parents were lucky enough to find love again. After her mother remarried David, her father changed her wedding vows a second time to her stepmother, actress and singer Yukry Morikawa.

Career of Maximilian Foz

Maximilian Fuze is a career-oriented person. Started his career. But he did not share these things on social media. He prefers to hide his life.

Maximilian Fuze net worth

Maximilian Fuze keeps his personal life private. Not to mention a career in social media. Also, we don’t have enough information about his net worth.

But his father is a famous actor and singer. His net worth is around one million dollars. According to sources, his main source of income is his career as an actor and singer. In addition, his mother, Olivia Hussey, made a fortune as a result of her work. Her net worth is around $8 million.

Dating Maximilian?

When it comes to love, Maximilian Foz doesn’t like to talk about it. On the other hand, everyone knows that he is lonely. He feels uncomfortable in his life. Akira’s son is currently focusing on his work and career building. Apparently, he is letting the universe find him a suitable mate.

Frequently Asked Questions (People Also Ask)

How old is Juliet?

In Shakespeare’s unique story, Romeo is 16 years old and Juliet is 13 years old. The Montagues and Capulets were created by the Italian composer Dante Alighieri as a contrast to Shakespeare in The Divine Comedy.

How did Olivia Hussey meet Akira Fuse?

To help him before the divorce, she attended a meditation group. This brought him to his master, Swami Muktananda, with whom he would have a very important, practical relationship until his death in 1982. Olivia met her future partner Akira Fosse while working in Japan.

Who is Olivia Hussey related to?

She later moved to Los Angeles where she married Dan Paul Martin, son of the great actor Dan Martin. They have a son, Alexander Martin, who is currently an entertainer. She eventually broke up with Martin and Olivia later married Japanese mainstream singer Akira Fusa.

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