December 5, 2023

Elon Musk tweeted Thursday night about a woman who was sexually assaulted on a friend’s private jet in 2016.

Musk revealed himself during a massage and offered to buy a horse if he agreed to have sex with a SpaceX crew member, it was reported on Thursday.

Seven hours after the film’s release, Musk asked a Twitter user: “Where do you think Elon Musk was before all that anti-corporate sentiment came along?”

“Actually, these allegations are completely false,” Musk tweeted.

The suspect called the flight attendant’s friend and said he wanted a copy.

“But I object to his friend’s lies, he just stares at me, referring to things people don’t know (walls, tattoos, etc.),” ​​Musk tweeted.

He described his girlfriend as “a far-left activist/actress with a big LA political goat”.

Follow the advice of Twitter users. When asked if he did, he replied: “No, it turns out I should have bought Twitter after I made fun of it. I wrote it before I started talking,” he said.

Insiders denied Musk’s request. He responded by email: “There’s more to this story.”

“This isn’t the first time in my 30s that I don’t want to be raped,” she told Insider.

She asked for more time to respond, but he did not respond until the story was finally published.

Musk, the world’s richest man, has repeatedly said his political views are under attack. This week he vowed to vote Republican, calling Democrats a “party of division and hatred.”

As Elon Musk said to Biden, “The real president is the real president.”

“The person calling is the real boss,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said of Biden. Talk about video in an all-in-one podcast.

Elon Musk has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman who disclosed her “non-public” personal information.

But for scammers who claim to have seen their friends exposed, I have a challenge. Never reveal what you might be doing (piercing, tattooing…). Pretend it didn’t happen. Musk questioned a Twitter user about the allegations in a tweet on Friday.

The former SpaceX flight attendant revealed that she held her erect penis and forcibly rubbed her legs in exchange for a sensual massage.

The woman reported the matter to the company’s human resources department, and Mook agreed to split $250,000 between SpaceX and its partners in 2018, according to people familiar with the matter.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied media claims the story was politically motivated.

“This is not the first time in my thirties that he has refused to challenge me,” she wrote.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launcher.

Crowds will celebrate the successful launch of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from Playa Linda on February 6 on the Canaveral National Seashore north of the Kennedy Space Center.

Twitter’s trial of Tesla CEO Elon Musk will run until October 5, 2022, 

Judge Topline said Tuesday, after a harsh ruling called Musk a “liar” to continue The success of social media platforms. He said he was trying to “stop hiring” by buying the platform for $44 billion.

During a virtual hearing, Delaware District Judge Kathryn McCormick called for a hearing as soon as possible, citing Twitter’s call for “irreversible harm” to sellers because the longer the merger takes, the company faces “” Doubt” the less clear. he is.

The question is whether Twitter’s forced termination of the disputed deal will speed up the trial, or whether Musk’s team will determine whether Twitter’s allegations about the spam account are true. Can you afford to procrastinate? Submit a quote.

In this case, Twitter’s attorney general, Bill Savitt, called Musk’s legal “delay” a “injustice of enforcement” and a “bankruptcy,” while Musk’s attorney, Andrew Rothman, oversees the Twitter spam account, which The company has denied the account. . other. 

Provide Mask with information related to fake bots and accounts.

Twitter’s general counsel argued that since the spam statistics were not included in Musk’s settlement, the number of users of the social media company that Musk asked for and cited as a reason for cancelling the deal was irrelevant.

Public controversy continues to rock Twitter, tarnishing the company’s reputation and putting it in trouble. Savit added that Musk is an “experienced lawyer.”

A job interview is one of the most stressful events in life. We can only imagine how annoying it must be to face the world’s richest man, Tesla’s Elon Musk. In a job interview that is known for its demanding and strange behaviour, we really shouldn’t think that it is difficult. Science says it works because it reads every possible boss you might meet in the future. It is recommended to know what it is.

Find out who the liar is

At the 2017 World Government Summit, Musk said he interviewed all job applicants with one question: “Tell me the toughest problem you’ve ever faced and how you solved it.”

The reason? “People who really solve problems.” “They know how to solve a problem,” he said.

Science backs up Musk’s theory

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The details matter

In a technique called “asynchronous information management” (AIM), the interviewer explicitly asks the interviewee “if they provide long and detailed information about the event they are interested in. The researcher can better understand whether the interviewee is being told can understand,” says Cody Porter, author of the Truth or Lie study.

In their studies, researchers have found that truth tellers can often be substantiated by providing detailed information. “But liars want to hide their guilt,” Porter said. This means that they have begun to strategically suppress information in response to AIM’s directives.

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Studies have shown that this technique increases the interviewer’s chances of spotting something wrong by 70 percent.

Some Reddit commenters didn’t find Bargain Mask scary. “Very simple question,” said one. “I’ve asked this question in all the interviews. A third ends with, ‘You can tell how it (the film) works.’

Meghan Markle has been criticised. To do embarrassing things about Mandela

Retrieved 3 September 2022 from WebDisk

Meghan Markle slammed the evidence with this infamous “mistake”: “Too embarrassing!

Meghan Markle slammed the evidence with this infamous “mistake”: “Too embarrassing!

Meghan Markle has been described as a “narcotics liar” who “made up a story” about meeting The Lion King actor in London.

Dr John Carney spoke for the first time after Meghan said the Lion King actress had the honour of marrying into the famous white family: “All I want to know is: when are you going to marry into this family.” Still, Mandela’s “prison” life is okay. “

However, the only African actor on set was Dr.

“I’ve never met Meghan Markle, it seems like a mistake on her part, I’ve never met the Duchess,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I was the only member in South Africa and didn’t even go to the London premiere. When we opened there I went to Hollywood and from there I had to go straight to Paris to shoot the second part. So you can’t. Can’t stop.”

Before finishing, he mentioned

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