September 27, 2023

T-shirts have the advantage that they fully adapt to the tastes of the person who wears them and convey exactly what they want. Designing custom t-shirts is not difficult if you take into account some criteria, such as the following:

Take your time to choose the design for your t-shirt

Think about what you want to convey. Draw, write down, shape it, cross it out, sleep it over and consider other options until you are totally clear about the design you want to put on your custom t-shirts.

Imagine first, shape later

A design that is in your head is not the same as seeing it already embodied in the garment. So, one option is to print what you have in mind in real size and place it on a t-shirt, to see the effect.

Customize t-shirts with simple designs

It is true that small details can make a difference, but the best designs are usually simple and are able to convey the message in the simplest way.

Who will wear your designs?

Making a design for yourself is not the same as doing it because you want to create personalized t-shirts for a specific type of audience. If so, other aspects must be taken into account, such as whether the shirt is for men or women, or how old they are, what they are going to use it for, or what they like.

Customize advertising t-shirts with humor

All great designs hide a subtle point of humor, which can contribute to drawing more attention even than a perfect design, very serious or too sober.

Choose the range of colors well

By using hues effectively and choosing complementary colors, you have a better chance of designing t-shirts that are visually appealing. Do not forget that the appropriate choice of colors is related to aspects such as the durability of the garment.

Use specific design software and save time

If you are going to screen print your design, use Pantone colors. If you use Illustrator or Photoshop and you don’t have exhaustive knowledge of these programs, don’t forget to consult the tutorials that will tell you how to correctly prepare your design so that it is perfect.

Learn about the latest trends in style and fashion

There are pages like Nice Fucking Graphics where you can understand everything related to graphic design and other websites where you can immerse yourself in the concepts of street art or pop culture. If you want to make designs on a regular basis, never leave aside self-training.

Get inspired, but never copy the designs

There are many sources from which you can be inspired, but if you really want your own personalized design, or stand out in the creation of a new brand of personalized t-shirts, do not copy what you have seen or follow the criteria of the latest fashions. Be able to create.

Trust the experts to print your t-shirts

Finally, trust a professional printing service to do the rest. If you’re asking for our recommendations, we’d recommend the Jacksonville FL Printing T-Shirt | Custom Screen Printing | Prints R Us!

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