March 5, 2024

You might be surprised to learn what your company can save on US payroll taxes. As you know, thousands of people pay Social Security taxes every year. Social Security taxes are shared equally between employers and employees. In some states, your employer may refund some or all of these taxes. Let’s take a look at the scam together

About the accuracy of calls it Rebate News. Once you visit, you will be directed to has an excellent 5-star rating on TrustPilot with 81 customer reviews.

Registered in the USA on September 28, 1999 at 22 years and 10 months. Last updated: March 7, 2022 This shows that the business is still operating legally.

However, membership will expire two months and twenty-four days into next year. Howard Brocker is the owner of and Scam Details; and Service and Refund Information No IP Verified with SSL Certificate IP address and SSL certificates are valid for 19 days on and Unlocking provides data for secure HTTPS connections.

About is an online platform that allows employees and employers to register for payroll tax credits. These include federal unemployment tax, Medicare tax, income tax, and Social Security tax. has no affiliation with their services. For years, the government has provided worker retention loans to support jobs and businesses. The Employer Insurance Credit provides tax relief to businesses affected by the pandemic. Credit unions encourage their employees to work and stay in business.

Income tax liability is based on wages. These debts can be as high as $5,000, and many employees and employers lack the skills to properly calculate and file taxes.

So workers can sign up by filling in their salary information on without worrying about fraud. Once a CPA contacts for information, filing a tax return takes less than twelve minutes. Employees can receive checks for up to $26,000, regardless of whether the company can issue tax credits.

Result: is a reliable website with a long history and solid legitimacy. has a credit score of 86% on Anonymous Alexa Score The Alexa score for is 667123. Good customers don’t complain about scams. Many websites and YouTube videos confirm that is a legitimate website.

A new online scam has allowed people to find huge tax bills in their bank accounts. Many US taxpayers report fraud after Receive fake receipts from unknown senders and people. Fraudsters use different tactics. Read the guide below to learn about scams that steal taxpayer money and personal information.


Is a scam?

Refunds are requested. scam: what users are saying

to end

Is a scam?

Emails were recently sent to taxpayers informing them of pending responses. Therefore, it is impossible to deceive. Convince the attacking team of the right intentions. After the exchange, the victims thought they were paid for free until they updated their browser and discovered that the money had been withdrawn from their savings account. scam.

Features of this site

Registered:, LLC

On-site registration: – Registered on September 26, 2020 and not registered for two years.

Trust Index: According to the most popular websites, it has a 35% trust rating. You have to be careful

No data: You have provided the requested information such as email address and contact number. and hosting information

Information Security: HTTPS exists and appears to be secure for sharing information.

on Getrefunds.

GetRefunds appears to be an online store that specializes in consumer fraud. From suspicious websites and other scams. The company handles paperwork for taxpayers and assists them in obtaining accurate tax returns. The company said consumers can easily access tax returns. They say he can help clients prepare documents and file tax returns.

Since 2003, the company has been helping clients recover and manage their assets. But after further research we found that the case was registered on 26/26/2019 and that the company is making significant claims. scam: What are users saying?

After searching the internet, we found a forum with a lot of ideas. Given this ad, the company is more likely to be fraudulent than legitimate. Many said they would inform taxpayers.

Some people have paid for messages sent to their addresses, Peking said.

this is the end It claims to be a refund agency and focuses on simplifying the cancellation process. However, many reviews describe it as a scam and unreliable. Is the site weird and maybe phishing? This article explains how they deceive people. So be careful before using their services. Click here for more information.

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