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Read faster without losing comprehension

Increasing the speed at which you read and understand information can have a huge impact on your life. This will not only reduce reading time. It also awakens passion and motivation to read and learn new things. We are taught to pronounce each letter at a time to make words. and ask them to read each word at a time to make a sentence. This system is good for learning to read. But this makes it difficult to increase your reading speed beyond 250-300 words per minute. This is the approximate national average. There are two reasons why this system can make it difficult to increase your reading speed. It awakens in us the habit of sub-vocalization and the habit of reading word for word. Visit our site for more about Reading tricks.

Subvocalization is when you use your voice box. and may include your mouth, tongue and lips when reading. When using this, your reading speed is limited to the speed at which you can speak. Because you do everything but sound. Even if you only use the throttle your speed is also severely limited. The only muscles that should be moving while reading are your eye muscles. With some practice, everything can come to a complete stop. And you still understand everything you read. It will be difficult to get rid of this habit at first. But when you can your speed will increase instantly. The best exercises I have found in elimination training. When reading subvocalization, you should repeat the count from one to ten. It was a bit difficult at first. But when you hear it you know you hear the lyrics without the secondary vocals.

Other bad habits that have many readers read only word by word. Again, this is because most people learn to read. And we were never told any other way. Overcoming this habit is more difficult than subvocalization. However, a direct relationship between the number of words read in each edit and reading speed is evident. If your eyes are focused on all the words, you will need to spell 240 words to read 240 words. The average reading lag is 200-250 milliseconds, which means it takes a minute to read 240 words. Just add two corrections to each word. This will reduce this time to 30 seconds, doubling your reading speed. As you get more sophisticated you can increase the number of words per pin. A great online tool to help you add words to a single revision is Spreeder. You can change the settings to increase words per minute or block size. You can also paste the desired text into the window. This is a very useful tool that will help you increase your reading speed significantly.

Act Now: Practice breaking these habits by reading for at least twenty to thirty minutes a day. It’s a good idea to start with light reading a few times a week. Maybe this is what you’ve already read. Measure your reading speed before you start and again after a few practice sessions. You should see good improvement if you are consistent with your practice.

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