September 27, 2023

Paintball is like a game in which the players shot the paintballs to the opponents with the help of the paintball gun. The shooting energy is derived from the compressed air, which is carried out by the in-housed tank. The compressed air in the tank provides the enough energy to through the gun pellets to the targets. Although this is the best and the cheap way of generating the energy but it is also known that the gas cannot last longer in a container. It needs to be refilled after it is exhausted. Being the user, it is necessary to know the methodology of filling the air in the paintball tank with the help of the air compressor for the future usage. 

In the homes, air compressors are commonly used to fill the air in the paintball tanks. This process is easy because of two reasons. Firstly, any specific guidance and technique is required. Secondly, it is not dangerous process which regarding the safety concerns. This procedure is very similar to the filling or pumping the air in the car tires. The only condition is the acquiring the air compressor with the desired right pressure which can help in refilling.

Types of Paintball Tank:

There are many types of the paintball tanks are available in the market but these two are very common. These are High-pressure Compressed Air (HPA) Paintball Tank and Compressed Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Paintball Tank. The output of both these tanks is same as they propel the air pellets but they are different in case of the functioning.

HPA paintball tank is filled with breathable filtered air or highly pressurized oxygen. As said earlier, many tanks with high-quality options, various capacities and sizes are available on the market. Among all these tanks the maximum capacity available is a 5,000 Pounds per square inch (PSI) tank.

How to Fill Paintball Tank with Air Compressor Step by Step

Figure 1. Different Types of Paintball Tanks

In the CO2 paintball tank, the carbon dioxide gas if filled but it turns into the liquid form because the gas turned into the liquid when it is compressed and the molecules are pushed close together. CO2 tank sizes vary from 3.5 – 40 ounces (100ml – 1,180ml).

Although both types of these tanks are common but the most preferred one is the HPA tank is often preferred over the CO2 tank as it offers the resistance to the temperature and is not affected by it. A reliable paintball tank like the Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank can be trusted to deliver the right pressure once it is properly filled. It can hold air up to 3,000 PSI.

On the opposite side the CO2 tank is suggested in case of the high or low temperatures because both the carbon dioxide and the pressure inside it varies according to the temperature. 

This refilling process is quite difficult but it has been divided into many different steps in order to help the users. 


  1. Maximum PSI of tank:

It is first and the foremost step to determine the maximum PSI of the tank before filling the tank. This capacity is usually indicated on the tank by the manufacturer. The average capacity lies within the range of 4,500 – 5,000 PSI. Therefore, the filling should be done within this range. Do not cross the limits.  

The use of the CO2 tank is sensitive, it needs to be placed in the refrigerator before use in order to stabilize the temperature. This action will help fill the tank without any hassle.

  1. Releasing Air:

Now, it is the time to release the already entrapped air before refilling your HPA or CO2 and make sure there’s no air inside. This step is very easy and can be done within couple of seconds. Open the valve and let the air to escape. This must be done in the open environment in order to avoid the breathing problems. 

  1. Connect your air compressor:

In the third step, it is required to make the proper connection between the tank nozzle and the air compressor’s nozzle. For this purpose, properly connect these nozzles. Both nozzles must match and be connected securely to prevent air from leaking.

How to Fill Paintball Tank with Air Compressor Step by Step

Figure 2. Connection between the Nozzles

  1. Turn the compressor on:

At this stage the air from the compressor is to be filled in the tank from thr compressor. For this purpose, turn the air compressor on. Make sure that the compressor’s power cable is connected properly. It takes a few minutes before the tank is filled with new air once you use a compatible air compressor.

  1. Inspect the gauges:

We have two dial gauges attached to the air compressor and the paintball gun. These both need special attention while filling the air. It is required to closely monitor the both gauges during the refilling and it is common practice that both of these moves in similar manner during this process. 

  1. Stop “Hot Fill”:

Hot filling take place when some tries to refill so quickly that the particles of the air move in very high speed and result in emitting the heat energy. Air moves with high speed and may damage the tank. So, it is required to avoid this problem. 

  1. Release the pressure:

When the tank is fully filled with the air then the remaining air from the compressor should be released as it tries to rush in. This air should be carefully released as it may cause problems to the tank in the future.   

  1. Disconnect the hose:

When the whole procedure has carried out then disconnect the hose from the tank’s nipple. This can be done gently. Now place the air compressor safely and play with your gun. 


A paintball gun works on the pressure gained by the balls from the filled air. It will no longer work without air. For this purpose, the tank should be refilled with the air for the proper functioning. But the problem is that people do not know the proper methodology of this process. That is why, they put themselves in trouble while carrying out this.  

In this article a proper guideline for filling the paintable tank from the air compressor is provided. So, that any lay man can also do this work efficiently. 


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