September 25, 2023

We live in a world where we are under the constant pressure of over-performing others and living our best life meanwhile. The thing about passionately following our careers is that we might lose track of time, which can lead to more stress and less satisfaction.

If this sounds familiar, then there is a great chance that you are overworked.  

That said, it is awesome to work on your dreams, but you must ensure to strike a healthy balance between life and work so you can truly enjoy life.

What are the signs of overwork?

The first sign that you are overworked revolves around chronic fatigue. It might feel like you are constantly tired and need some rest – even when you just woke up from a power nap. While taking the best 12 packets of immune supplement powder daily can help you deal with mental and physical fatigue, you still need plenty of sleep and rest to feel fully rejuvenated. 

You might as well opt for Physical Therapy and get rid of muscle stiffness. 

Another tell-tale sign that you are overworked is that you constantly feel stressed out when you are at work – there is also a great chance that you might experience a sense of doom or dread before the start of each work day,

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You might as well be on the verge of crying at all times while feeling that you have lost direction in life and that you cannot keep up with your personal life because of work-related pressure.

Another crucial tell-tale sign that you are overworked is that you might feel disconnected from your family, friends, and even yourself. Have you ever entered your house after a long tiring day and wondered whether you are in the right house?

When you are at work, you might miss deadlines and decline work quality despite your best efforts. These were just a few of the tell-tale signs that you are overworked and that you need to do something about it before it gets to you.

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How to calm down and manage work stress?

As mentioned before, the primary reason that many of us are overworked and overwhelmed with stress is that we are living the routine of a hustler. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a routine and giving your best at your work – the problem is that you might not know when to stop. This aspect is particularly true for those who are working from home – they might fail to keep a difference between work hours and personal life.

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That said, you might want to ensure that you only work during dedicated office hours. Don’t take your work back home with you – if you do so, you will keep yourself in a constant loop of stress and discomfort.

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Another trick to managing work stress is to avoid multitasking and do one thing at one time. For instance, you might want to dedicate two hours only to work while doing nothing else before taking a ten-minute break. Also, you can break a big project into smaller projects and take a little break after each milestone.

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