September 25, 2023
mbbs in kazakhstan

mbbs in kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan for studying MBBS and Health Care Course is the best option for Medical Candidates who is planning to study MBBS in a budget with less. Medical universities in Kazakhstan offering the MBBS degree are recognized by the World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India. In recent times, Kazakhstan is one of the leading places to study MBBS not only for Indian Medical Candidates but also for international Medical Candidates.

About Nation – Kazakhstan

The original Kazakhs were Turkic nomadic people who belonged to several ethnic Kazakh tribes. They gathered in colonies and lived in tents made of yurts. Their people came every year to find food for their herds of goats, horses, and sheep. Although they have leaders, the Kazakhs are rarely united as one nation under one great leader. The area became a division of the Autonomous Republic of Kyrgyzstan created by the Soviet authorities in the year 1920 and in the year 1925 the name of this destination was changed to the Kazakh SSR (Kazakh Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic). After the year 1927, the Soviet government began to force Kazakh nomads to settle on government farms and estates, and the Soviets continued the tsarist campaign to force as many Russians and other Slavs to settle in the area.

Due to the intense agricultural development of the region and its use as a nuclear weapons test site by the Soviet government, serious environmental problems occurred at the end of the 20th century. Along with other Central Asian republics, Kazakhstan gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the year 1991. Kazakhstan declared membership in the Commonwealth of Independent States on December 21, 1991, and some other ten former Soviet republics. In the year 1993, the country fully ratified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. President Nursultan Nazarbayev reorganized and consolidated many government functions in 1997, abolishing a third of government departments and agencies. In the year 1997, the nation’s capital was moved from metropolis Almaty, the largest metropolis city, to Astana (previously Aqmola).

MBBS in Kazakhstan – MBBS Abroad with Jagvimal Consultants

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What is MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Medical Candidates are not required to pass a special entrance exam to be admitted to study MBBS in Kazakhstan’s top medical universities.

Medical Candidates who want to study MBBS in Kazakhstan don’t have to worry about complicated admission procedures. The admission process for the medical courses is simple; As a result, Medical Candidates only need to follow the instructions provided by overseas education consultants and the university they have applied to, as they are eligible.

World-class education –

Medical experts from Kazakhstan universities have qualified professors and top doctors in their faculty who have experience in the field of medicine and hands-on training. The medium of instruction is English which is preferred by Indian Medical Candidates.

Cost –

The fees for studying MBBS in one of the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan are very affordable and less than the fees charged by medical universities in major countries. Accommodations costs are also lower (room and board, even if Medical Candidates choose to live in a rented house, it is very cheap and reasonable. So, students’ families can easily affordable good university fees easily.

Modern Facilities at Medical Universities –

Medical universities and colleges in Kazakhstan have the most excellent teaching infrastructure with advanced equipment for learning. Medical Candidates learn the most advanced medical techniques and practices. The hostels are first-class and hygienic, library and laboratories are well equipped with all the facilities that Medical Candidates need.

Future Goals –

After completing their MBBS in Kazakhstan, Medical Candidates have the opportunity to train or work in any country in the world including India and USA. Medical Candidates must obtain their license to practice after passing each state’s annual drug test.

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