December 3, 2023

Two words: Johnny Depp. Indeed, Captain Jack Sparrow is Dior’s last name in Sauvage’s face, an unexpected choice for the brand, as Sauvage’s name is Dior’s last name. In 2015, Depp and Sauvage embraced the sentiments of a rough and masculine yet soft and clean man.

Dior Sauvage describes “vast movement” and “blue sky in a rocky landscape, white heat under the desert sun” and more. Given without it. I will say they are beautiful. Perfumer Francois Demachy wanted to create a “clean and fresh” fragrance that would fit the Dior brand, using the themes of men’s perfumes (citrus and wood). Vaginal needle cruelty.

Dyer Savage described “magnificent movement” and “the blue sky of the stone landscape, the white heat under the desert sun”. Given without it. I will say they are beautiful. Perfumer Francois Demachy wanted to use masculine scents (citrus and wood) to create a “pure and fresh” fragrance that would fit the Dior brand. Vaginal needle cruelty.

Bergamot, ambroxan, geranium, black pepper, lavender, vetiver and patchouli

How does it smell?

The opening moments of Dior Sauvage are dominated by white notes of bergamot and black pepper. The effect is fresh and clean, fresh laundry, the bright brightness of sweet, juicy lemons. Increase credit, air circulation and circulation of banknotes and active circulation for their renewal and replacement. Especially when opening, Sauvage is a fragrance for many modern people, wild or not, because it reaches deep through familiar materials and purity.

The base of the fragrance is clean and full of fresh herbal notes.

Filtered through a lake filter, lavender flowers dominate, not mineral sweetness. As a result, lavender is a gray-haired flower that long retains its red essence and protects it in the shade like a rock that reflects the harshness of the desert.

When the sausage is dry, it is added to the flowers away from the “new” ingredients. Here the connection between the sun and patchouli is more pronounced, the latter bursting with subtle sweet notes. Everything is not smooth, except for the salted mussels, which open up a little to loosen the pepper. The last, longest moments.

Savage is a men’s fragrance that follows a familiar tone, but plays with it and has an unusual shoe component (as expected from Dior). The thought of the blue sky leads to the same vast landscape, the pale white rocks so clear and distinct, the wild animals of the name so clear. Sure, Sauvage isn’t as classic as Dior’s popular menswear line, but it doesn’t have to be. Although Suvaz is modern, clean and airy, it is not as unique and dreamy as Mr. Depp, but it is inspired by blue skies and rocky landscapes.

10 Important Facts You Didn’t Know

Dior Sauvage is a fragrance released by Dior in 2015.

It was created by Edouard Roche, Dior’s house perfumer.

Dior Sauvage is a new fragrance for men that combines lemon and lavender.

A fragrance should be masculine, and in the performance of the word “Dire Savage” it reflects the wild or unknown side of men.

Dior Sauvage is a limited edition fragrance.

In three sizes – 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml.

This fragrance was released in North America and Europe in 2015.

The bottle is a silver bottle with a silver top and a rectangular main bottle.

Dior Sauvage has notes of lemon and lavender.

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