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Your Prime Day bargain might be delivered on this weird contraption

Amazon’s attempts to show the world that it doesn’t consume a lot of resources around the world’s thousands of pickup trucks move big — well, sort of.

If you grab some bargains during this year’s Prime Day sale, your package may arrive on the back of a new e-bike that includes a custom four-wheeled chassis and enclosed trailer, as part of a new experience starting in the UK.

And if you don’t see it, as part of your fuel-saving effort, your Amazon delivery may appear from someone on foot (via Watchman (Opens in a new tab)).

These new options are being trialled by Amazon’s delivery center in East London’s Hackney neighborhood. They are joining Amazon’s exponentially growing fleet of electric trucks Amazon is working towards its goal of being carbon neutral by 2040.

An environmental future?

Amazon’s new delivery options should also help reduce the cost of bringing packages to Londoners. The new vans and e-bikes will be exempt from the London congestion charge – a fee that drivers pay unless their car meets some lower emissions standards.

Amazon has made multiple pledges to become less environmentally friendly – Estimated 20% increase in cardboard over 2010 (Opens in a new tab) It was fueled by brands like Amazon sending multiple packages to consumers around the world.

While the experience is just getting started, Amazon isn’t hanging out. It already has plans to open additional delivery centers for e-bikes in the near future, and should roll out new electric trucks made by Rivian in the US before the end of 2022.

Electric bikes are not just a sustainable option for delivery; It’s perfect for eco-conscious passengers too, helping you reduce your carbon output while giving your flight a little juice so you can get to your destination faster. If you want to see what’s out there, check out our picks for the best e-bikes you can ride today.

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