December 3, 2023

Yesterday was distinguished The great conclusion From the season of Haunted Destiny 2, the final showdown against Kalos in Leviathan with Cayattel, Zavala, and Crowe on our side.

But also a constant presence this season has been Iris Morne, who has been walking everyone through healing shocks, tossing every time we pick up a scythe. She’s also given a final story note for the entire season, an audio message to an unknown person where she talks about how she not only wants peace, but maybe joy as well.

She also asks the person in question what he intends to do on the beach, and that he should meet her on the moon to research more secrets of the pyramid there. her signature? She calls him “rat”.

This is the drifter.

Now, fans are wondering if we’re about to return to Drifter as the lead character for next season, which we currently don’t have any information about, given the context of this post. And for my part, I’d definitely say bring Season of the Drifter 2, even if the first is a fairly full bust.

At this point, I think we need to separate the Drifter character from the Drifter the Gambit vendor. What I want is a season focused on Letter From Drifter, and sure enough, I wouldn’t say no to a budding romance with Eris to give her some of that “joy” she’s looking for right now. I think you can prove that Drifter is one of Destiny’s best characters, however even though he was present in the knowledge So much for a while now, we haven’t actually heard from him in a long time. He appeared as part of the ‘Dark Fire Team’ in Beyond Light, for example, along with Eris and Exo Stranger, but he didn’t actually say or do anything in that story.

I think Bungie may be reluctant to return to Drifter given that Drifter season may be the worst standalone season to be received in Destiny history. It introduced Gambit Prime and arguably one of the worst PvE ever, Reckoning, which was built to circumvent the creeping power of Destiny and had to be cut back a few times before it became palatable on the frontier. Great weapons this season, though.

For Gambit, no, even if you want a season that focuses on drifters, I don’t want a season that focuses on maneuverability. The maneuver really shouldn’t use up any more Bungie’s time or resources at this point. We need more new PvP maps before we start thinking about new maneuvering maps, and it’s becoming quite obvious that it’s almost impossible to balance Gambit’s weapons and loadouts, so I honestly don’t even know if it’s worth a try. The only real gambit request I have is to bring back at least the removed Tangled Shore and Dreaming City maps so we can get six instead of four, but outside of that, no, no more gambit seasons, even if Drifter becomes a main character.

As for whether this will happen or not, I have no idea. We’ve had many anecdotal clues like this before where we’ve come Think That we were getting hints about next season, but it turned out to be nothing, like Saint and Mithrax chasing Sagera and Osiris. I mean, it’s not impossible, and maybe next season will include some sort of seasonal activity inside the Moon Pyramid, but I also don’t think it’s a guarantee. what am I A.m However, Destiny 2 definitely needs more of the Drifter’s voice work, making it pop out of the science pages and into the actual game once more. And no, the maneuver does not need to be attached.

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