January 31, 2023

TAMPA, FL – Will Rachel Balkovich climb the New York Yankees ladder and become Somerset Patriots manager?


However, even then, she’s been enjoying the ride as the running woman in her professional baseball, and is currently in her first year at the helm of the Low-A Tampa Tarpons.

“The goal is just to get better, that’s it,” Balkovich told MyCentralJersey.com recently.

“The goal for me, in the long run, is to be a general manager. So if I never climb over Tampa, I don’t really care. I never said my goal was to climb the minor league system and make it to the major leagues, I am just a generalist And I’d rather be a jack of all trades and not master anything. That’s how I work, so I learn as much as I can here before moving on to my next step, whatever that may be.”

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