December 9, 2023

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The New York Yankees do not plan to discuss contract negotiations with Aaron Judge publicly, general partner manager Hal Steinbrenner said Wednesday, in Joel Sherman subordinate New York Post.

Both sides agreed that “in no way” could the contract talks be allowed to affect the world championship bid.

“No matter what happens during this season, we will not provide any updates. The only focus [is] Winning the Steinbrenner Championship added.

The judge rejected an offer from the Yankees before the season, but Steinbrenner He said He “no regrets” about it.

New York progress A seven-year, $213.5 million extension, but the judge did not agree before his self-imposed deadline for opening day.

The price has certainly gone up with the midfielder’s brilliant season.

Judge is the favorite to win the MLS Player of the Year award, leading the majors with 29 home races and 64 times. He also has an average of .281, .360 on a percentage basis, and a 60 RBI.

The 30-year-old is a major reason why the Yankees entered Wednesday with a record 58-23, the best in baseball.

Judge was impressive in 2021, placing fourth in the AL MVP vote while making 39 home runs with a 98 RBI. However, there have been questions about his stability and durability after he missed a significant time with injuries from 2018 to 2020.

So far, though, Judge has quelled the concerns and is due to have a huge contract.

The Yankees still believed they would be able to re-sign local talent, with Steinbrenner trusting General Manager Brian Cashman to get the job done.

“I have great confidence in Cash,” he He said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Cashman sticks to his plan to keep all discussions indoors.

“We won’t talk about it now in the future,” he said He said in May. “Whether it means we won’t talk, I don’t say it, but we won’t talk about it [publicly]. “

Judge will instead continue to focus on helping the Yankees win their first title since 2009.

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