December 4, 2023

WordPress, wordpress, wordpress.

We’re here for someone else, and if I do say so myself, that’s a strange thing.

July is starting off as a great month compared to June so far, although I suppose it’s all about perspective. We had so much fun with Wordle Daily, though, that it’s fun. Wordle is still not just a huge aberration, but a great strength of unity. We all play the same word every day and we all have the same number of guesses to get the correct answer.

Anyway, let’s take a look at today’s word, shall we?

How to play Wordle

If you’re a little behind the curve, check out my explanation How to play Wordle here. I have too Tips and tricks guide here. And if you are interested in the best starting word, This post will help you on your journey. Finally, if you want some other Wordle-like game suggestions, I have An easy list of games to try.

Today’s Wordle #382 Hint and Answer

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

But first, a hint: The antithesis of harsh journalism.

The answer is. . . .

It ended up being a pretty harsh word, actually. It might be the first wordle you’ve seen with three of the same letter (although there have been double pairs in the past, like Clear).

my first guess, blaming, It was only good in the sense that it got me a green “L” and omitted a couple of vowels. floor She got me an ‘F’ in green and got rid of an ‘O’. This was definitely helpful although it turns out that there are quite a few words to start with flu, Including Fail, flush And the final answer: fluff!

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