December 2, 2023

Through all the surrounding noise Keri IrvingAnd the Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Networksthe assumption was that all parties are heading towards secession.

But what if this is not the case?

Chris Broussard thinks there’s a strong possibility that everyone will stay put. He says the Nets are aware that they have leverage in this situation, and for that reason, they are claiming the moon in trade talks. For that reason, Broussard believes the star-studded duo could start next season with the Nets.

Will KD & Kyrie stay in Brooklyn?

Will KD & Kyrie stay in Brooklyn?

Chris Broussard makes a prediction as we continue the NBA off-season: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will start the season with the Brooklyn Nets, despite being surrounded by trade rumors.

“When I’m told what they’re looking to get, who’s available in the market, and the fact that, unlike Nick Wright, the Nets know that they have all the leverage over Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, all together leads me to believe the chances are better that KD and Kyrie start the season with Brooklyn Nets,” Broussard said.

The Utah Jazz received four first-round draft picks and three additional players for Rudy Gobert, and Broussard believes the trade affects Durant and Irving’s market.

“What the Nets are looking for is an absolute bargain,” Broussard said. “Especially in light of what Utah got for Rudy Gobert. Brooklyn wants a number of first-round picks, they want a young star… or two, and if they don’t get that, they won’t move Durant.”

When it comes to Durant, it’s hard to see him sitting down if his trade order doesn’t pay off – he’s simply too passionate about the game.

And with Irving, few teams expressed interest in a player who made just 29 games last season due to his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine. One team that showed interest – the Lakers – doesn’t have much to offer after Russell Westbrook’s contract expires.

“I was told to them [Brooklyn] “I have no interest in Russell Westbrook,” Broussard said. The Lakers are going to have to find a three- or four-team deal to get that done and get Irving to the Lakers, and it’s going to be hard to do.”

So what’s the best move for the Brooklyn Nets when it comes to Durant and Irving? There will probably be no movement at all.

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