December 3, 2023

This is what a unicorn looks like.

It’s just one summer league game, but pick number 2 Chet Holmgren Show why Thunder is high on him as a possibility – 23 points, shooting 4 out of 6 out of 3 and adding six blocking shots.

Holmgren was hot off the opening tip, making six consecutive shots after losing his first. Attack the edge at points and can protrude from the depths.

Josh Gedi He added 14 points and 11 assists for Team Thunder, who secured a 98-77 win over the Jazz hosts in the Salt Lake City Summer League. Choose No. 12 Galen Williams He added 17 points.

Xavier Sneadwho spent the second half of last season on a double contract with Utah, led the Jazz team with 15 points, but in shooting 2 of 7 (hit the streak 12 times).

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