December 3, 2023

Today, Walmart announced that InHome grocery delivery is now available as an optional addition to your Walmart+ membership, a low-cost retailer alternative to Amazon Prime. those offers Free shipping with no minimums. The company notes that the two previously independent memberships are being combined into one to offer one simplified customer experience.

The company’s Walmart+ subscription costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year. Customers can now add InHome delivery to their subscription for an additional $7 a month or $40 a year. That’s $138 a year for both, which is $10 less than the previous annual price when Walmart+ and InHome were separate memberships, the company says.

It was first launched in the fall of 2019, Walmart home delivery It allows customers to place groceries orders online, then have the groceries delivered directly to their fridge with a Walmart partner entering their home via a smart lock. The service targets customers who work outside the home during the day or who travel and want to stock up on groceries while they are outside. InHome is addressing a huge consumer complaint about online grocery delivery — which you have to be at home (or at least be home soon) in order to put cold, frozen groceries away after you leave your order at the doorstep.

Walmart is also launching InHome in several new markets today, including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, San Jose, and San Francisco. The company announced this expansion earlier this year when it launched in Northwest Arkansas, Atlanta, Phoenix and DC.

As part of the expansion, Walmart announced plans to hire more than 3,000 delivery drivers throughout the year. It also said it will build a fleet of 100% all-electric delivery trucks that will be used to make deliveries, while simultaneously marketing the service in the neighborhoods where it is served. The company announced an EV partnership with BrightDrop in this effort earlier this year.

Whitney Begden, vice president and general manager of InHome, said in a statement. “InHome has one of the highest customer experience ratings in the business, and now we’ve made it even more accessible in more locations as we grow to reach more than 30 million households by the end of the year.”

The company says its e-commerce sales have grown 38% over the past two years, and that it plans to continue investing in the delivery space to create a seamless and flexible customer experience. Walmart is also increasing its delivery slot capacity by 35% this year to meet growing demand and continues to expand into new markets

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