December 4, 2023

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine said that “the third world war has already begun”

A Downing Street spokesman said Boris Johnson told Volodymyr Zelensky that he believed Ukrainian forces could retake territory recently occupied by Russian forces.

Russia has made gains in eastern Ukraine and Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) concluded that Vladimir Putin’s army had made “substantial progress” with the swift capture of Lysichansk on Sunday, giving Moscow complete control of Luhansk Oblast.

In a call with Mr. Zelensky today, Johnson also briefed the president on the latest British military equipment, including 10 self-propelled artillery systems and loitering munitions, which will arrive in the coming days and weeks.

The Defense Ministry expects Putin’s forces to continue “leveling towns and cities” in Donetsk Oblast, adjacent to Luhansk in the Donbass region targeted by Russia.

In an intelligence update, the Defense Department said the Battle of Donbass was marked by “slow rates of progress” and included “Russia’s mass recruitment of artillery, and the leveling of towns and cities in the process.”

She added that the fighting in Donetsk “will certainly continue in this way.”


The United Kingdom claims that the Battle of Sloviansk in Donetsk will be the next major competition in Ukraine

The British Ministry of Defense said that Russian forces are advancing in various pockets of eastern Ukraine such as Izyum, posing a battle like the situation in Sloviansk in Donetsk.

“Over the past week, it is possible that Russian forces have advanced up to another 5 kilometers on the E40 main road from Izyum, facing a very determined Ukrainian resistance,” the ministry said in its latest intelligence update on Wednesday.

She added that Russian forces from the eastern and western groups are now likely to be about 16 kilometers north of the city of Slovensk.

“With the city also under threat from groups of central and southern forces, there is a realistic possibility that the battle for Sloviansk will be the next major competition in the conflict for Donbass,” the MoD said.

She added: “Russia is likely to continue to consolidate its control over Lyschansk and Luhansk Oblast. In the north, it committed most of the remaining available units of the eastern and western groups of forces to the Izyum axis.”

Urban RayJuly 6, 2022 06:16


Who will last longer, Johnson or Zelensky?

When Boris Johnson called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday, it was a small surprise.

It showed how Johnson turned to the traditional playbook trying once again to portray himself as a world leader, a serious man for dangerous times, getting away from events while Westminster burned around him, setting fire to his lies and shortcomings, as he wrote International Affairs. editor David Harding In this opening letter.

It also refers to a recent discussion in the pub about the permanence or absence of world leaders.

Who will be in power longer: Johnson, Zelensky or Putin? What about Johnson or Zelensky or Putin or Biden? What about which of these will be in power in three years: Johnson, Zelensky, Putin, Biden, or Trump? Everyone agreed that whatever happens, Xi, Urban and Modi will definitely be there longer than any of them.

It was also a game of not just what if, but what could be as well. There seems to be little reason, from Putin’s point of view, to end the war. If the conflict could somehow extend into the next US presidency, who knows what might happen?

Read the full editorial here:

Urban RayJul 6 2022 05:38


Days later, Zelensky says, the air alert sounded over the whole of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky said the Russian army has only one duty: to take people’s lives as the war in Ukraine celebrated its 133rd day.

The Russian army does not take any breaks. One task – to take people’s lives, to frighten people – so that even a few days without aerial warning already feel part of the horror, Zelensky said in his nightly address to the Ukrainians.

He added that on Tuesday evening, an air alert was announced over almost all of our country’s territory.

“… This evening, Kyiv and again almost all of Ukraine heard the air alarm. To date, there are reports of raids on the Khmelnytskyi region – the victims and wounded are now being identified,” he said.

“Before that, there was no air alert in the capital and in some areas for some time, and some people were even particularly concerned by this unusual silence,” the Ukrainian president said.

Zelensky added: “They were thinking too much, terrified, and looking for some kind of explanation – as if the occupiers were preparing for something … In fact, you should not overthink. You should not look for logic in the actions of terrorists.”

Urban RayJuly 6, 2022 04:57


Heavy bombardment as Donetsk battle rages: ‘bombing everything along the way’

Officials in the region confirmed that Russia waged heavy fighting in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, reporting widespread artillery fire, within 48 hours of Moscow asserting victory at Luhansk.

The region’s governor, Sahi Heidi, said that the outskirts of Luhansk region witnessed heavy fighting, as he claimed that Russian regular and reserve forces were deployed there to cross the Seversky Donets River, which is a strategic line of defense in Ukraine.

“They are taking a very heavy toll,” Mr. Hayday said.

“Some battalions have been moved there to make up for the numbers they need… They don’t take all their wounded with them. Hospitals are just as full of explosions as morgues.”

“There is still a lot of bombing in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. They bomb everything in their path.”

Kyiv officials said they now expect Putin’s fighters to focus their efforts in particular on the Donetsk and Kramatorsk cities, just a day after seizing Lyschansk, the last stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance in Luhansk, Ukraine.

Urban RayJuly 6, 2022 04:33


good morning! Hey, Arpan Rai here, I’m now taking over Ukraine’s renewed coverage.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates.

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This will be all independentLive coverage of the war in Ukraine until tomorrow morning. Thanks for watching, we’ll be back in a few hours.

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Russian strikes hit Mikolaev

Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich said that Russian missile strikes hit the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv.

The southern city, located on the main highway between Kherson and Odessa, was a target of Russian forces throughout the war. report in The Economist He said that Ukrainian forces were preparing for a counterattack launched from Mykolaiv to retake Kherson from Russia.

After the strikes this morning, Mr Senkevich said via Telegram: “Apartment buildings have again been damaged by the bombing.

“More than 200 windows were shattered by the blast wave and debris in seven high-rise buildings, entrance doors were damaged, and people had to cut locks in some apartments in order to get out.”

The mayor of Mykolaiv said that this photo shows the damage caused by today’s strike

(State Emergency Service of Ukraine)

Liam James5 July 2022 21:20


Finland and Sweden are one step closer to NATO membership after signing the Accession Protocol

NATO membership bids for Sweden and Finland were sent for approval after the alliance’s 30 member states signed accession protocols for two Nordic countries (Holly Bancroft Writes).

The protocol means that Finland and Sweden can now join NATO meetings and gain greater intelligence. However, they would not be protected under the NATO defense clause, which says that an attack on one ally is an attack on all, even ratification.

“It’s really a historic moment,” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, along with the two countries’ foreign ministers. “With 32 countries around the table, we will be stronger.”

The annexation of Finland and Sweden is the most significant expansion of the defense alliance since the 1990s.

Liam James5 July 2022 20:20


UK adds two more Russians to sanctions list

Britain added two more Russians to its sanctions list today, subjecting them to an asset freeze and travel ban.

The sanctions list was updated to add Denis Gavner and Valeria Kalabaeva – both of whom Britain said were involved in spreading disinformation and promoting Russian business in Ukraine.

The United Kingdom has sanctioned more than 1,000 people linked to Russia and Russia since Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine on February 24.

Liam James5 July 2022 19:40


Slovyansk comes under fire as Russian forces move forward

The local mayor said the city of Sloviansk came under heavy fire days after Russia seized land nearby.

On Sunday, Russia declared victory over the city of Lyschansk, located 30 miles west of Sloviansk, which was the last Ukrainian stronghold in the Luhansk region.

On Tuesday, Slovenia’s mayor Vadim Liach said “intense bombing” had hit his city and urged residents to evacuate or take shelter in shelters. The city had a population of about 107,000 before Russia invaded Ukraine more than four months ago.

Liach said one person was killed and seven others wounded in the bombing. He said the city’s central market and several neighborhoods had been attacked, adding that authorities were assessing the extent of the damage.

The barrage targeting Slovenia indicated that Russian forces were stationed to advance further into the Ukrainian Donbass region, a mostly Russian-speaking industrial area where Moscow’s forces are concentrated.

Motorists were stopped by security forces as smoke rose from the central market in Slovensk after Tuesday’s strike


Firefighters treat a fire in the Sloviansk Central Market after Tuesday’s bombing


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