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UK Mulls Sanctioning Countries Refusing to Take Back Criminal Migrants

Countries that fail to take back criminal migrants and rejected asylum seekers may end up punishing the UK government under new plans.

Home Office chief Priti Patel is said to be planning to introduce a new system that would include punishment of foreign countries that refuse to take back criminal migrants and asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected by their country.

Drawing on powers established by the Citizenship and Borders Act, the move will be one of the latest attempts to curb illegal immigration at a time when the UK is allowing in record numbers of legal immigrants, many of whom come from countries outside the European Union.

according to Report by timesPatel’s plan is reported to be about creating a “ranking table” of countries that would rank them from best to worst in terms of how easy it would be for Britain to return criminal migrants, as well as rejected asylum seekers.

Countries that are said to end up at the bottom of the table will be opened up to the possibility of penalties, with visa delays, surcharges, or even outright publication bans listed as potential penalties that may face legal immigrants from the target country.

A source within the government reportedly told the newspaper, “If the countries on the list go down, they will face penalties,” although it is possible that the schedule itself will not be made public.

While the UK government continues to act decisively when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration, post-Brexit country authorities have at the same time significantly liberalized the country’s immigration rules, allowing more people from non-EU countries to access To britain.

This resulted in a record number of non-EU migrants entering Britain in 2021, despite the fact that much of the Brexit vote in the first place has surrounded the issue of regaining control of the country’s borders.

Alp Muhammed of Migration Watch commented on the matter earlier this year, saying, “We are seeing the opposite of what the government promised in 2019.”

“Immigration is now spiraling out of control with long-term incomes skyrocketing,” he continued, saying voters were “cheated” by those in power.

To make matters worse, even with the various new measures designed to curb illegal immigration, the so-called Conservative government appears to be failing to control the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who arrive in the country each year.

Even the plan to deport individuals who enter the country illegally to Rwanda in order to allow potential refugees to seek asylum there has gone awry, with a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights last month that effectively led to the scheme’s first relocation.

While the government is now said Planning A second flight to send asylum seekers to Rwanda remains unclear exactly why the next planned flight will not face a fate similar to the previous one, although officials have asked the European Court of Human Rights to reconsider their interim ruling that prevented the previous flight from departing. take off / take off.

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