December 3, 2023

Washington – Pat Cipollone, who served as a White House adviser under former President Donald Trump, reached an agreement to appear Friday before the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol, two sources familiar with the matter told CBS News.

painting Issue a subpoena Cipollone testified last week after a former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson He testified that Cipollone strongly opposed Trump’s efforts to travel to the Capitol on January 6. Other witnesses testified that Cipollone was one of the key White House officials opposed to attempts by Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election. He had previously sat for an informal interview with the committee.

Hutchinson testified that Cipollone said a trip to the Capitol would raise “serious legal concerns” and urged her several times to act to make sure such a trip did not occur.

“Please make sure we don’t go to the Capitol, Cassidy. Keep in touch with me. We will indict every crime imaginable if we make this movement happen,” Hutchinson recalled telling Cipollone to her.

Hutchinson also recounted an exchange between White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who was her chief, and Cipollone when rioters stormed the Capitol on January 6. She testified that Cipollone told Meadows that “something must be done or people will die, and the blood will be on your rushing hands.”

Committee Chairman Benny Thompson and Vice President Liz Cheney, when announcing the subpoena last week, said the committee had “disclosed evidence that Mr. Cipollone repeatedly raised legal and other concerns about President Trump’s activities on January 6 and in the days prior to that.” They said the committee “needs to hear it formally, as other former White House advisers have done in other congressional investigations.”

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff is a committee member. Tell Sunday’s “Face the Nation” commission was “tracing additional leads” after the testimony of Hutchinson’s bombshell last week.

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