December 3, 2023

A prominent South African wildlife hunter was killed last month.

According to local reports, Ryan Nodd, 55, owner and founder of Pro Hunt Africa, was found dead next to his truck in Limpopo Province, near the country’s Kruger National Park. A Limpopo police spokesman said Naud was found lying on his back next to his car on 8 June.

“The deceased was carrying two hunting firearms, clothes, water, whiskey, pajamas and several live rounds as if he was going hunting and camping somewhere around Strykriver, as there are many hunting farms with wild animals in the area,” Lt. Col. Mamvaswa Sibi said , In the local media.

Police said the motive behind the killing was unknown and at this time there was no evidence to suggest that he was targeted because of his stalking.

Reports indicated that the shooter took one of his rifles shortly after he stopped on the side of the road due to a problem with his car. A cattle herder reportedly heard a gunshot and saw a Nissan truck drive away and alerted the police.

An Instagram page that appears to belong to Naud showed him and his clients posing with killed animals, including giraffes, zebras and elephants:

Many photos of dead African wildlife have been published on Pro Hunt Africa, facilitating paid hunting trips for clients.

Hunting wild animals is legal in South Africa; The country is Africa’s largest exporter of trophy animals. according to Humane Society International.

Earlier this year, the South African government announced an increase in quotas for leopards, elephants and black rhinos, upsetting conservation groups.

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