December 2, 2023

Actor Tim Allen’s yacht poured dozens of gallons of diesel into the Michigan marina over the Fourth of July weekend.

Authorities confirmed that the ship spilled between 30 and 50 gallons of fuel at the Northport dock due to a faulty fuel filter.

The fuel leak closed the marina for about 12 hours on Sunday afternoon. Another nearby marina was closed for a day, but both have now reopened.

Hugh Cook, the Leelanau Township Fire Chief, said Mr Allen was not aware that the fuel pump was faulty until he noticed the leak. He said Mr. Allen moved to correct the problem himself to prevent further spillage.

“He didn’t know what was going on until he broke into the marina,” said Mr. Cook. “He himself pulled the wick on the bilge pump so no more fuel would come out. So, he did a lot of things right.”

According to MLive, the faulty fuel pumped allowed the yacht’s engine compartment to fill in until the bilge pump — which is intended to take water out of the ship’s cabins — turned on and began to dump the fuel.

Mr. Allen told reporters in Eagle record On Sunday he felt bad that the accident disrupted other people’s vacation plans.

“I felt very uncomfortable closing the port to everyone,” Allen said.

independent Reached out to a representative of Mr. Allen for comment.

Dock workers were able to quickly isolate the spill and begin clearing it up with an oil-absorbing barrier, Bill Rosemorgy, the port manager at the marina, told MLive.

“It was pretty good inside the marina,” he said. “The wind was helpful. He was blowing in the mouth of the anchor, which helped to contain it. But there was a heavy sheen throughout the entire port.”

Respondents used approximately 1,000 absorbent pads to absorb diesel.

The US Coast Guard and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy decide whether Mr. Allen will be subject to any fines related to the accident.

Mr. Allen will be financially responsible for the cost of the cleaning business.

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