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This Date in Baseball

July 7

1923 – Lefty O’Doll, competing with the Boston Red Sox, allows a 13th inning in the sixth inning for the Cleveland Indians, who win 27-3. In 1928, he was set to return to the majors as a great hitter.

1936 – NL wins its first All-Star game 4-3 at Braves Field in Boston.

1937 – Lou Gehrig drives four with a home run and double to lead AL to an 8-3 win over the NL in the All-Star Game at Griffith Stadium in Washington. The meeting was attended by President Franklin Roosevelt.

1959 – At Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, the first two All-Star games I played that season go to NL, 5-4. The Eredivisie scored a tie and win at the bottom of the eighth place when Hank Aaron scored on tour and scored a hat-trick by Willie Maes.

1964 – NL defeats AL 7-4 in an All-Star Game over Johnny Callison’s two-man team and three runs off Dick Raditz in the bottom of the ninth inning at Shea Stadium in New York. The win pulled NL up with rivals (17-17-1) for the first time since the series began.

1998 – Coors Field lives up to its billing as a hitter as the MLS beat the Nationals 13-8 at Coors Field in the highest-scoring All-Star Game in Major League history. The 21 races broke the AL 11-9 win record set in 1954.

2006 – Travis Hafner of the Cleveland Indians becomes the first player in Major League history to score five major tournaments before the All-Star break when he arrives in the second half of a 9-0 win over Baltimore.

2009 – Alan Embry scores in Colorado’s 5-4 win over Washington without a throw. He entered with two teams in eighth and picked up Austin Cairns, who had singled out Joel Peralta. It was the first time a senior player had a win without throwing a floor since BJ Ryan Baltimore in Detroit on May 1, 2003.

2011 – Dustin Pedroia hits a three-round shot and Boston adds three straight games in the seventh inning in a 10-4 win over Baltimore. He hosted six different players from Boston, including the three in a row from David Ortiz, Josh Riddick and Jarrod Saltallamachia.

2011 – A Texas Rangers fan dies after falling nearly 20 feet into concrete with a baseball hand thrown into his path by All-Star Josh Hamilton during a game. Shannon Stone, 39, was at the game with his young son, who watched his father stumble over railings after catching the ball. The accident occurred in the second half after Auckland’s Conor Jackson hit a foul ball. Hamilton recovered the ball and threw it into the stands as the players routinely do.

2016 – Colorado’s Trevor Storey tied with a junior record in the Premier League for most runs at home before breaking the All-Star, coming back twice and raising his points total to 21 to defeat the Philadelphia Rockies 11-2.

2018 – Mark Reynolds scored two goals and drove in his career 10 times as the Washington Nationals beat the Miami Marlins 18-4. Reynolds (5 vs. 5) tied his career towards success and fair RBI number to the Nationals.

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