December 3, 2023

July 7

1923 – Lefty O’Doll, competing with the Boston Red Sox, allows a 13th inning in the sixth inning for the Cleveland Indians, who win 27-3. In 1928, he was set to return to the majors as a great hitter.

1936 – NL wins its first All-Star game 4-3 at Braves Field in Boston.

1937 – Lou Gehrig drives four with a home run and double to lead AL to an 8-3 win over the NL in the All-Star Game at Griffith Stadium in Washington. The meeting was attended by President Franklin Roosevelt.

1959 – At Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, the first two All-Star games I played that season go to NL, 5-4. The Eredivisie scored a tie and win at the bottom of the eighth place when Hank Aaron scored on tour and scored a hat-trick by Willie Maes.

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